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Marathon Pundit · 17h ago

Top Ten Most Violent Neighborhoods in Chicago #9

My good friend and premier citizen journalist Victor Maggio presents the next installment of his Top Ten Most Violent Neighborhoods in Chicago series. Number 9 is the Greater Grand Crossing ...
Marathon Pundit · 23h ago

Mark Dice: Celebrities Are Here to Help

Some doofus in Hawaii pressed the wrong emergency alert button--wronging warning the islanders that a ballistic missile was about the hit paradise. What do a couple of celebrities do, namely...
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

CNN's Sh*thole Circus - Uncensored Compilation from Mark Dice

Rather than being a news network, CNN has transformed itself into an anti-Donald Trump screech collective that goes into orgasmic glee at any opportunity to attack the president. The latest ...
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

From Da Tech Guy: Shrinks present latest plot to remove Trump from office

As I explain in my latest piece at Da Tech Guy, even mental health "professionals" are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome: Shrinks present latest plot to remove Trump from office.
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

Illegal alien arrested for threatening to kill passengers on Greyhound bus in Wisconson was deported before

Downtown ChicagoPresident Donald Trump wants to build a wall at our southern border, right?Such as wall might have prevented this scumbag from returning.From the Daily Herald:A man accused o...
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

Ray Davies: The Getaway (Lonesome Train)

Going back ten years, watch and listen to Ray Davies perform "The Getaway (Lonesome Train)" from his album Other People's Lives.
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

In 2016 Trump praised Haiti & Haitian-Americans, saying they :Add so much to our country"

Two years ago then-candidate Donald Trump hailed Haiti and Haitians.
Marathon Pundit · 3d ago

ILL-inois: Candidate for state attorney general robbed at gunpoint in Chicago during photo session

Illinois bicentennial flagon the bottomWell, if the point that Aaron Goldstein is trying to make that Chicago has a crime problem, then he succeeded. Oh, Goldstein lives in Albany Park, so h...
Marathon Pundit · 3d ago

Detroit's Milwaukee Junction

If see Detroit as simply the Motor City and nothing else--then the most Detroit-ish neighborhood of them all is Milwaukee Junction.Ford's Model T was first built here at 461 Piquette Avenue ...
Marathon Pundit · 3d ago

(Not Safe For Work) Mark Dice: CNN Goes Over the Edge

In a widely reported comment made in a meeting with congressional leaders, President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as "sh*thole countries."This morning the president den...