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Marathon Pundit · 2h ago

Presidents of the United States of America (Drew Carey theme): Cleveland Rocks

It's a great day for patriots. Donald J. Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America.And for my Saturday musical selection I am going with the Presidents of the United States...
Marathon Pundit · 7h ago

Historian Brinkley: This was Trump's best speech

Author and historian Douglas Brinkley on CNN--yes, CNN, the Clinton News Network--said that President Donald Trump's inaugural address was his best speech yet.
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

Krauthammer: Trump presidency will be "nothing like previous presidencies"

Charles Krauthammer, who was a tepid supporter of Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, says that the administration will be "nothing like previous presidencies."Krauthammer notes "...
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

From a Fox News op-ed: Thank God for Barack Obama (he cleared the field for Donald Trump)

Arthur Herman, an historian at the Hudson Institute, is grateful for Barack Obama's eight years in office--four wasn't enough--to expose the inherent flaws of leftism--in a must read Fox New...
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

Jon Voight on Trump: Lincoln ‘is smiling knowing America will be saved’

Lincoln statue, Dixon, IL,Reagan's hometownJon Voight is a flower in the toxic weed garden of Hollywood.From Entertainment Weekly via Yahoo:Longtime Donald Trump supporter Jon Voight spoke at Thursday's Make America Great Again Celebration in Washing...
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

No early release for Blago from Obama

Rod Blagojevich, the hair-brained former Illinois governor who is serving a federal prison sentence for corruption, will not be receiving a pardon or a commutation from his fellow Chicago De...
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

(Video) Krauthammer: Just hoping Obama doesn’t return Alaska to the Russians

While commenting on Barack Obama's shameful commutation of traitor Bradley Manning's prison sentence, Charles Krauthammer quipped that he hopes lame duck president Barack Obama doesn't retur...
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

From GotNews: Trump hater @RepJohnLewis DIDN’T PAY TAXES on his nearly $1 Million fancy DC townhouse

US Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) is a partisan hack.And there is more. From GotNews: BREAKING, Trump-Hating Democratic @RepJohnLewis DIDN'T PAY TAXES On His Nearly $1 Million Fancy DC Townhouse.
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

Newt on Dems boycotting inauguration: "Why would you abandon America?"

When asked on Fox and Friends this morning about leftist Democrats who are boycotting tomorrow's inauguration, Newt Gingrich condemned them. "The inauguration is not about Republicans, it's ...
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

Chicago cop charged with murder for shooting unarmed man

Did you hear about Lowell Houser, a Chicago police officer who was charged today with first-degree murder for allegedly fatally shooting an unarmed man early this month on the Northwest Side...