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Marathon Pundit · 12h ago

Booker T. & the M.G.'s: Time Is Tight

While better known for their first hit, "Green Onions," I've always enjoyed the last hit from Booker T. and the M.G's, "Time Is Tight," more.Here is that great instrumental band performing t...
Marathon Pundit · 16h ago

President Trump Weekly Address 4/28/17

President Donald J. Trump is bullish on his still young presidency."My fellow Americans, I truly believe that the first 100 days of my administration has been just about the most successful ...
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

Deep Corruption: Ex-Chicago schools chief sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison

Evergreen Academy,Southwest SideYou've heard about "Deep State," the nameless yet intractable part of the federal government that seeks to undermine political hires, such as members of the p...
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

Hannity: Stifling of speech should trouble every American

Berkeley, California is the capital of the anti-free speech movement. Which is why Ann Coulter's speech there was cancelled. She was planning on discussing enforcing existing immigration law...
Marathon Pundit · 1d ago

Gutfeld: Another victory for the anti-free speech movement

Tomorrow the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade was to have taken place in Portland, Oregon. But because a Republican group was slated to march--yes, they have Republicans in Portland--because an e...
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

Chicago Teachers Union calls for teacher class cutting for May Day march

CTU member at 2012Occupy Chicago rallyWhile the Chicago Teachers Union isn't calling for an illegal strike on Monday, as it threatened to do, it is asking that its members attend that aftern...
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

Decline and fall: Most Chicago neighborhood property values still below pre-crash peaks

View from an abandonedChicago homeDecades of corruption and sheer government incompetence are finally giving the Chicago area what it so richly deserves.From the Chicago Tribune:Housing pric...
Marathon Pundit · 2d ago

Henry Ford Hospital fires alleged female genital mutilation doctor

The overall theme of the Hippocratic Oath is "First do no harm."A Detroit area doctor is accused of doing that. From ABC Detroit:A Henry Ford Hospital emergency room doctor who was charged w...
Marathon Pundit · 3d ago

(Video) Why Trump's Great Wall is necessary

Brandon Judd, the president National Border Patrol Council, tells Fox Business' Lou Dobbs why the southern border wall is need.
Marathon Pundit · 3d ago

Hannity: The evolution of media fascism

The media--and the left--which of course are essentially the same thing, aren't interested in reporting the truth. They want to silence their opposition, which include Fox News, Sean Hannity...