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Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 4W ago

Open Studio Portrait Drawing - Coppini Academy of Fine Arts

This week's (Sept. 19th, 2017), 3 hr portrait study:CANSON Drawing Paper - Antique White 9" X 12"
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 1M ago

Portrait Drawing Open Studio

Yesterday's efforts: 9-5-2017, at open studio Coppini Art Academy3 hr drawing from a live model
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 1M ago

Gesture in Figure Drawing

Whether I simplify my skeleton drawings or not, I always try to keep gesture in mind. These are practice drawings that I have made to try to capture angle, tilt, and thrust of the human body...
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 2M ago

Digital Painting

Always a new experiment:For some reason I have a tendency towards working or playing with my art from the vantage point of an experiment. I am not out to prove anything; I just enjoy "what i...
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 4M ago


I just completed taking a class from Andrew Van DeGoede at the Coppini Academy. This was an extension of the cast drawing class that I took last semester and we completed a limited palette p...
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 4M ago

Graduation Gift For My Niece

My niece wanted one of my paintings for her graduation.My niece wanted one of my paintings for her graduation, and so I decided to give her a continuation of: A 1940's Love Story (see Decemb...
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 5M ago

Latest Study in Oils

Temperature Study in Oils 8" x 8" panel
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 7M ago


You may have to put your sunglasses on for this one:I only had a limited number of markers, some beginning to get a little dry from use, and I was bored. I have also been working in charcoal...
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 9M ago

A 1940's Love Story

Or, In The BeginningSweetwater, TX early 1944This is a collage drawing that I recently finished from two old photos of my parents.Happy New Year! 2017
Margo Schwirian Fine Art · 9M ago

Wednesday Morning Portrait Group

This week's 3 hour studyWednesday Morning Portrait Group Study - Dec 21