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Maris Soule | · 4d ago

Still On Holiday

No Blog This Week, Either Be Back Next Wednesday
Maris Soule | · 1W ago

On Holiday

No Blog This Week On Holiday
Maris Soule | · 2W ago

Author Events – Are They Worth It?

Recently I attended an “Authors’ Day” event that was held on a Saturday at the Tamarack District Library,  105 miles from my home. I left my house at 7:00 a.m. and returned home around 4:00 ...
Maris Soule | · 3W ago

What Happens AT MIDNIGHT?

This week, Lainee Cole is visiting my blog to talk about AT MIDNIGHT, an anthology that she’s in. Welcome, Lainee. Tell me about AT MIDNIGHT  AT MIDNIGHT includes three love stories: Midnigh...
Maris Soule | · 1M ago

Writing a Blurb

We’re told the most important selling tools for a book are the cover and the back blurb. With traditional publishers, the author usually doesn’t have control over either. Oh, we’re asked for...
Maris Soule | · 1M ago

Reading to Write

The other day my friend Joe Novara and I were sitting on my deck, looking out at the boats on the river, talking about what we were reading and why. Before Joe left, I asked him to write som...
Maris Soule | · 1M ago

Doing Something Different

I’m always trying something different, sometimes because of outside changes (lose a publisher or hear about a new publishing opportunity), and sometimes for variety (write sexy romances, swe...
Maris Soule | · 1M ago

Your Inner Editor

I’ve been blogging about the need for an editor and ways to find one. Most writers also have an inner editor. You know what I mean. It’s that little voice in our head that says… You can’t wr...
Maris Soule | · 2M ago

The Internet and Research

Yes, I know you can’t trust everything you read on the Internet, but I love being able to use it for research. When I first started writing (back in the dark ages), if I needed to research s...
Maris Soule | · 2M ago

A Novel is not a Soapbox

I’ve heard, and believe, that a novel of fiction can get a message across better than a non-fiction book. Why? For one thing, many people won’t/don’t pick up non-fiction books that deal with...