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Maris Soule | · 4d ago

Sleep Revisited

Getting enough sleep is often difficult for a writer. During the Christmas season it can be even more difficult. In addition to visions of candy canes and sugar plums dancing in our heads, w...
Maris Soule | · 1W ago

Heading South for the Winter

Maris Soule | · 2W ago

A Writer’s Life

Ah, to be a writer. If you write romances, it’s satin sheets and bonbons as you sit on your bed and type on your laptop (or dictate to your secretary). For others, it’s a private office, eit...
Maris Soule | · 3W ago

Freelance Writing

Have you tried doing freelance writing? I was at writers’ meeting last week and one of the members told us about the freelance writing she does. (She’s also working on a full length novel.) ...
Maris Soule | · 1M ago

Creating a New Story

Writers are often asked where they get their ideas. Most of us say we get them from everywhere: newspapers, TV, real events, family dynamics, travel, and so on. Some story ideas seem to come...
Maris Soule | · 1M ago


I’ve been writing for many years and during that time I’ve heard and learned many of the buzzwords associated with writing. Many have been around for decades, while others seem to suddenly p...
Maris Soule | · 1M ago

Designing (or redesigning) a Website

Recently a writer friend said her website was blah and asked if my daughter could help her, so this coming Saturday my daughter and I will make a “house” call to see what exactly is needed t...
Maris Soule | · 1M ago

Try Something New

I recently tried something new–a Viking cruise. (From Paris, France, to Luxembourg, to German towns along the Moselle River and the middle Rhine River, to, finally, Zurich, Switzerland) My h...
Maris Soule | · 2M ago

Still On Holiday

No Blog This Week, Either Be Back Next Wednesday
Maris Soule | · 2M ago

On Holiday

No Blog This Week On Holiday