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Mark Wadsworth · 7h ago

Fun Online Polls: LVT vs Wealth Tax; the North South divide

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:3% of £80 is more than 0.5% of £100. So what would raise more revenue - Land Value Tax or a general Wealth Tax? Land Value Tax - 94...
Mark Wadsworth · 14h ago

If only we could get Jeremy Corbyn The Adam Smith Institute to understand about capital

From here, on the topic of Uber:Because they've all been making great gaping losses as they start up, meaning that they've needed capital to exist. And that's the problem with cooperatives, ...
Mark Wadsworth · 3d ago

Yeah, but whose back garden?

From The Daily Mail:* Kieran Evans was given keys to 'iKozie' home in Barbourne, Worcester after it was air-lifted into a back garden*Thee 186sq ft (17.25sq m) space includes bedroom, kitche...
Mark Wadsworth · 3d ago

Car hits house

Couple have lucky escape as reckless driver crashes through side of their house as they slept in their bed
Mark Wadsworth · 4d ago

Idiot argument of the day.

While many of his points are sound, Mark Littlewood jumps the shark with this:...for example, try to imagine government food vouchers being redeemable at McDonald’s.??? The government issues...
Mark Wadsworth · 4d ago

"A cost effective solution to the nation's ongoing housing crisis". Not.

More glorious nonsense from The Daily Mail:This stunning tiny 28-foot-long [mobile] house could be a solution to the housing crisis using a space-saving design without losing any home comfor...
Mark Wadsworth · 5d ago

Daily Mail on to form

GP, 34, who was accused of beating his ex-wife and shoving a DIRTY NAPPY in her face during a heated row in their £569,000 home is given a warning over his conduct
Mark Wadsworth · 6d ago

Another one of those "vehicle hits house" stories

From The Daily Mail:A couple had a lucky escape when a van ploughed into the front of their thatched cottage. Val and Steve Fossey were about go to bed when they found the white van embedded...
Mark Wadsworth · 6d ago

Fun Online Polls: Brexit, Catalonia and the French wealth tax reforms

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:Which of the following applies to you... Pro-Brexit; pro-Catalan independence - 78%Anti-Brexit; pro-Catalan independence - 7%Pro-Br...
Mark Wadsworth · 1w ago

The New Economics Foundation land value database

They've ground out the sales figures published by HM Land Registry to come up with this. All it needs is your postcode and it will tell you an approximate selling price per sq m of land wher...