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Mark Wadsworth · 2d ago

Cool one-off car

Click for website, he* actually had a complete one made (not clear whether it actually drives) and exhibited it at the Geneva Motor Show.* Who is coincidentally my cousin.
Mark Wadsworth · 2d ago

We own land! Give us money!

From This Is Money:Landlords call for help as tenants can go almost a year without having to pay rent due to lengthy eviction processTenants are able to live rent-free for up to almost year ...
Mark Wadsworth · 3d ago

Resale price maintenance - maybe DBC was right all along.

Spotted by Lola at the ASI, a fairly long article on a relatively minor but nonetheless interesting topic.My view is, manufacturers can (or should be able to) dictate the retail price contra...
Mark Wadsworth · 4d ago

Rent v tax v cost of services - you know it when you see it.

From the comments here:I suggest that the payment for queue jumping is not rent, but the premium paid for convenience and saving time.Would you classify the premium paid for supersonic trave...
Mark Wadsworth · 5d ago

More debunking of Piketty.

This time from a hard-left perspective, from bulk of Piketty criticism has focused, rather boringly, on whether the rate of investment return will remain steady when the w...
Mark Wadsworth · 6d ago

Fun Online Polls: NHS charges for queue-jumping; Rhyme and Reason

The results to last week's Fun Online Poll were as follows:Is it acceptable for the NHS to allow patients to pay extra to jump the queue?Yes - 31%No - 46%Depends on how the extra money is sp...
Mark Wadsworth · 6d ago

"The number of passenger journeys has doubled since rail privatisation"

From The Guardian:The number of train journeys made each year has more than doubled since the late 1990s, according to a new report.About 1.65bn passenger rail journeys were made in the past...
Mark Wadsworth · 6d ago

Daily Mail on top form

Sickening smirk of the suspect who’ll never be tried for the shooting of PC Yvonne Fletcher as he enjoys family life in his £600,000 home in suburbia
Mark Wadsworth · 1W ago

Social care costs: The Homeys are muddling up two entirely separate topics.

From The Guardian:Dilnot, a former director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, said that by refusing to implement a cap, the Conservatives would be leaving people without any protection ag...
Mark Wadsworth · 1W ago

Daily Mail on top form

From The Daily Mail:A widowed teacher with arthritis froze to death in her garden after she fell and neighbours failed to respond to her cries for help, an inquest has heard.Ann Waddington, ...