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Mary-Lou Stephens · 9M ago

The Shallow Promise of Your Best Life Ever

The holiday and festive season is over. How do I know? It’s not the suddenly empty beaches or the re-emergence of school crossing guards. It is the plethora of magazine and newspaper lifesty...
Mary-Lou Stephens · 10M ago

The Miserable Joy of Eeyore

I’m a year older than I was last week. There’s something about having a birthday that always reminds me of Eeyore. After all, what’s a birthday? Here today, gone tomorrow, as he would say. E...
Mary-Lou Stephens · 10M ago

Freedom. Or Perks?

It’s the time of year when we reflect on the past and look forward to the future. I’ve spent part of the past week at the Woodford Folk Festival and, unlike a lot of other festival-goers, fo...
Mary-Lou Stephens · 11M ago

Eat More Cake…and Merry Christmas

The Hubby and I had the conversation we had to have a few weeks ago. About cake. Christmas cake to be precise. You see, one of our lovely neighbours comes around every December selling Lions...
Mary-Lou Stephens · 11M ago

Burning Up

Summer on the Sunshine Coast. It’s hot, it’s windy and the first serious fire of the season saw flames leaping over three stories high through bushland in Mountain Creek.  All of us who’ve b...
Mary-Lou Stephens · 11M ago

Outback & Overwhelmed

Many years ago, when I was a musician, I travelled through the world's biggest living dot painting to the Northern Territory, a bag in one hand and my guitar in the other. Continue reading →
Mary-Lou Stephens · 12M ago

The Book of Love

Recently I had a major eureka moment. I discovered how love works. I should really keep the details to myself and write a best-seller about it. And that’s a clue as to how this discovery was...
Mary-Lou Stephens · 1Y ago

What makes a girl fall in love? And out?

What makes a girl fall in love? Even more interestingly, what makes her fall out of love? It was another great night at the Petersham Inn on Parramatta Road in Sydney, thanks to the enigmati...
Mary-Lou Stephens · 1Y ago

The Best-Selling Author Who Changed My Life

A couple of years ago I wrote a book. My publisher said they wanted it and then they changed their mind. My agent at the time told me if my publisher didn’t want it then no one else would, s...
Mary-Lou Stephens · 1Y ago

Do The Mashed Potato

My friend Fiona was a career woman. Like a lot of my friends at the time she had a great job, plenty of money, all the perks she could possibly demand… and a part-time man.  There was an era...