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McClanahan 7 · 5d ago

Wordless Wednesday Friends

McClanahan 7 · 1W ago

Kwik Stix Giveaway #kwikstix #pencilgrip

I've always supported my kids in all of their hobbies. I try to encourage them and teach t...
McClanahan 7 · 1W ago

Amber's first 14er #hiking #14er

Amber loves to hike in the mountains. She has hiked in Colorado, Montana, and Canada. Last week she hiked her first 14er. Mt Elbert is the second tallest point in the United States and is in...
McClanahan 7 · 1W ago

No-Nonsense Algebra Review #hsreviews #NoNonsenseAlgebra #Algebra #MathEssentials

Amber is very good with practical math. She can figure fractions and percents easily, but when it comes to Algebra she struggled. Although she has completed Algebra I there were some concepts she struggled with. I wanted her to go back and see if we ...
McClanahan 7 · 1W ago

Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek Review #hsreviews #greek #greeknstuff

If you enjoy learning Greek roots or if you want to study God's word in Greek you may wa...
McClanahan 7 · 2W ago

Morgan's Photography

Morgan is currently in Utah. She does as much hiking there as she possibly can and of cour...
McClanahan 7 · 2W ago

The Reign of TerrorReview #hsreviews #HeirloomAudio #InTheReignOfTerror #LiveTheAdventure #BringingHentyBack #AudioAdventures

Heirloom Audio Productions does an excellent job of dramatizing The Extraordinary Adve...
McClanahan 7 · 3W ago

English On A Roll Review #hsreviews #EnglishonaRoll #grammar

We know using manipulatives for math is a huge benefit to kids, but what about using them...
McClanahan 7 · 3W ago

Nichole Nordeman CD Review & Giveaway #everymilemattered #FlyBy

I'm so excited to share with you Nichole Nordeman's new CD Every Mile Mattered. Nichole says these songs have been working in her heart for years before they became songs. To her, every mile...
McClanahan 7 · 3W ago

The Phoenix Homeschool Literary Magazine

The second edition of The Phoenix literary magazine has been published & Delaney has a story printed in it as well. Make sure you check out page 37. This time she stepped out of her comfort ...