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mcphedran's writing blog · 20h ago

Airport Hell: Cutting Lines

There are the lines for check-in, lines for security, lines for identification, even lines at the duty free. But if that’s where you’re going to dilly dally, buying booze and chocolates, don...
mcphedran's writing blog · 5d ago

Bio Tuesday: More on “The Sacred Whore”

The first draft of The Sacred Whore was written in Paris (Spring, 1987) & Saturna Island (Fall, 1987). I walked down the road almost every afternoon to the lighthouse to see the passing Orca...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Bio Tuesday: Early Stumbles

I realize now, after over a thousand blogs, that you should know more about me. I have been trying to write for as long as I can remember and, except for winning story-writing contest in ele...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

If Not to Write, Then This

I have received more hits on this picture than anything I’ve ever published on my blog. It seems I might consider a new approach to success. Google Guide, that’s me.
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

Vaughn & Staples’ “Saga”: More Sci-Fi Rubbish

In the continuing quest for inspiration in writing my science fiction book Aqaara, I was recommended the graphic novel series Saga by Brian Vaughn and Fiona Staples. I was most interested in...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

The Poetry of Spam

I’m diplomat Rev Augustine david I have just arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport with your valued consignment box of $4.5 million dollars 45 minutes ago, please reconfirm. To ST...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

Bio Tuesday: The Sacred Whore

The Sacred Whore is my first novel, the story of a group of prostitutes who kidnap a college basketball team to air their views on the dismal morality in the United States. It has its moment...
mcphedran's writing blog · 3W ago

Dead 101 – Eternal Return

My first Grateful Dead concert – March 1983, Virginia – was much like the last, my 101st – September 2017, Central Park – over-excited to start, a moment or two of some kind of imbibed perfe...
mcphedran's writing blog · 3W ago

An Essential Trilogy: Davis Drinks

Part One: So? Another? Three old friends sit at a bar. Davis finishes his drink and asks, “So? Another?” They nod. Part Two: Not Drunk. Davis, alone at a bar with empty glasses all around, o...
mcphedran's writing blog · 3W ago

Music for the End of the World

Music to end all music: 10.When I Go Deaf (Low) I’ll be all right. I’ll be just fine. 9. And the Gods Made Love...(Jimi Hendrix Experience) 8. A Thousand Year Formation (Off the Sky) For the...