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mcphedran's writing blog · 19h ago

Smokey and the Confederate

I thought Smokey and the Bandit was a great film when I was a kid – irreverent and full of great car chases.And then I saw it on television last night and have changed my mind.
mcphedran's writing blog · 1d ago

Writing Super Meta Drama

All I want to do is expand the narrative gaze so that the world is in the reader’s head, and all of the characters are specific and clear, giving each and every scene an ideal arc and so emb...
mcphedran's writing blog · 4d ago

Ice Friday: Heinlein’s “Orphans in the Sky”

Their first sortie took them all of fifty feet from the Ship. They huddled close together for silent comfort and watched their feet to keep from stumbling on this strange uneven deck. They m...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1w ago

Wrong Message

John. It’s John O’Neill. Please call me back at 516-474-35xx. I’ve been calling your wrong number for a month. Neither am I John nor did call him back. Nor did I return the IRS lawsuit messa...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Words IX: Sequalae

Sequalae is a word you probably don’t know but should. Defined as the secondary consequences of one’s acts, understanding the concept might help us make better decisions. As if.
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Ice Friday: Gunter Grass’ “The Flounder”

The Neolithic era is behind us. In the opinion of the prosecution, the Flounder’s guilt has been proved. But before the sentence can be pronounced, certain material remains to be examined, e...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

Writing Science Fiction: Accept the Confusion

The science fiction writer must avoid excessive explanation of the new world.In this zone of proximal development, the reader not only accepts but relishes being plunked in a new world, as l...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

Aqaara: The Decision to Leave

Och engaged the signal and listened with the rest to the bitter message from Earth. “This is not open to negotiation. You are ordered to return.” “We are leaving,” he replied simply. “We con...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

Ice Friday: Jane Hirshfield’s “Rock”

What appears to be stubbornness,/refusal, or interruption,/is to it a simple privacy. It broods/its thought like a quail her clutch of eggs. Mosses and lichens/listen outside the locked door...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

Just Open the Case

It’s a simple thing. Give them what they want. Sweet or sultry. Just open the case.