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mcphedran's writing blog · 1d ago

Mindful Gong for Leaf Goals

Instead of the damned blaring horn, spotlights and screaming, the Toronto Maple Leafs should focus on the import of the moment. A single note on a gong followed by the crowd rising in silenc...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2d ago

Leafs Fandom: Losing the Moment

It was to be magic, the stuff of dreams: a pair of seats ten rows behind the Capitals’ net for Game Seven, perfect for that overtime goal by Matthews, Marner or Nylander. And then not…and I ...
mcphedran's writing blog · 3d ago

Overlooked New York: Liberty Park

Liberty Park has recently been opened atop the parking garage immediately south of the 9/11 Memorial in Downtown Manhattan.It has the same design aesthetic as the Chelsea Highline but is muc...
mcphedran's writing blog · 5d ago

Bucolic: Not Like Skunk

While bucolic is defined as relating to pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life, the word doesn’t sound like that. (It sounds more of a disease.) Not like skunk, because skunk s...
mcphedran's writing blog · 6d ago

Ice Friday: Robert Hunter’s “Loser”

All that I am asking for is ten gold dollars And I could pay you back with one good hand You can look around about the wide world over And you’ll never find another honest man. Everybody pra...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Mount Lafayette to Mount Everest

I’ve climbed a few mountains, including Mounts Baker (10,781) & Rainier (14,411). And now I want to try out Everest (29.029). Sure, it’s more than twice the height of anything I’ve tried, an...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Overlooked New York: African Burial Grounds

North of City Hall and the World Trade Center Memorial is a spot much less frequently visited: The African Burial Grounds National Monument. Africans – enslaved and “free” – were buried here...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Waking Thoughts: I & Leafs

Where am I? Am I all right? What’s wrong? What have I done now? The Leafs? How are they doing again?
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Braden Holtby Says He Can Outplay Leafs

Washington Capital goalie Braden Holtby had this to say after his Game One overtime win against the Toronto Maple Leafs: The first period, if it’s bad, we know we can outplay them the rest o...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Ice Good Friday: Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

My da had more wrong with him than my ma. There was nothing wrong with my ma except sometimes she was too busy. My da sometimes lost his temper and he liked it. He had black things across th...