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mcphedran's writing blog · 5d ago

Blackhawks Fans: This Is What Racism Looks Like

Chicago Blackhawks fans chanted “Basketball, basketball!” at Washington Capitals player, Smith-Pelly. He rose to challenge them, and they didn’t let up.This type of ugliness remains rampant ...
mcphedran's writing blog · 5d ago

Land of the Dead

I hadn’t seen him for too long. It was like he was gone. And then he was there. I was in the land of the dead, something like that. He was quiet. There was a show he was in, on … Continue re...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

The Duck Machine

We walked around the carpet, following the story of Samra. The Duck Machine was in the back corner, an odd contraption with a lever that looked like a duck-bill and a bird floating inside th...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1W ago

Eternal Fucking Recurrence

“The Hive should be more your thing. It’s tactile.” “Tactile. You’re really losing me.” “You can replay the perfect moment, the bra sliding down, the hand against your breast, just that tiny...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

Top Ten Hollywood Films

While it is true that Hollywood is a tight box that suffocates individual vision, it also allows for the expense and crew that can make for a distraction worth watching. 10. The Poseidon Adv...
mcphedran's writing blog · 2W ago

Aqaara: More Expunged

“I have no fortune for you today.” Liyuan gave Dee a cigarette. She reached out with indifference. “How is Icarus?” She smoked passively, staring out. “Sleeping poorly?” “This is worse than ...
mcphedran's writing blog · 3W ago

The Voyage of Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”

As I started out on my epic reading journey of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, I wondered why I had never read it. Eventually, all became clear. So far as what there be of a narrative in this b...
mcphedran's writing blog · 3W ago

Win, Lose or Indifferent

When I cheer, I cheer. And when I don’t, I don’t. And when I’m looking at something else – or asleep – leave me alone so I can do that.
mcphedran's writing blog · 4W ago

New York Subway Story

“I had a chance to do something another time a week or so after that, on the subway again,” Liyuan offered. “A young boy, maybe 10 years old, was performing a dance for a crowded train, with...
mcphedran's writing blog · 1M ago

Florida Keys: After Hurricane Irma

Four months after Hurricane Irma, the Florida Keys are still covered by the detritus of the storm. Although many residents have returned, abandoned homes are still a common sight. Big Pine K...