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Me and You and Ellie · 1d ago

Today was weird

Among several developments that while not catastrophic, were random enough to be mildly alarming at work today, I received a shipment in the mail. I was excited about this, I'd found some ve...
Me and You and Ellie · 3d ago

Blissed Out

Before this happened . . . . . . this happened:And then the fun really started . . .
Me and You and Ellie · 1w ago

once again

It all started with a message from mom's vacuum, showing off after her tune upAin't she purdy?Mom has a hate-hate relationship with her vacuum to begin with, and with recent reports that she...
Me and You and Ellie · 1W ago

Five Days . . .

. . . Five Bodies of Water.Thursday:The Mystic River.Friday:The Connecticut River.Saturday:
Me and You and Ellie · 1W ago

save the drama for your llama

Work's been stressful lately, but don't worry - I have tools to make everything okPhotog skills so advanced, you can't even see the whole phrase. But check out tiny buddha back there!
Me and You and Ellie · 2W ago

Cloud Appreciation Society

My Mom is now an official member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.I know, right??My friend Dawnie gave me the gift of membership for my birthday last year, and it has changed my life in big...
Me and You and Ellie · 3W ago

baby drivers

Last weekend I had the great fortune to be invited aboard my lovely friends' party barge for a floating Sunday brunch. It was a gorgeous day and such a treat to be out on the water, even for...
Me and You and Ellie · 3W ago

The Hedgehog

We've got a friend who turned 8 last week.She's pretty cool.One of the best things about this kid is she knows what she likes, and she likes good things, because she's an artist at heart. Ju...
Me and You and Ellie · 3W ago


I have a very random assortment of images from Kaaboo, and what I hate about them is that in most cases I can't really tell who or what is the subject. What I love about them is that I mostl...
Me and You and Ellie · 1M ago

Yellow Flowers, Redux

We wait all year for this.Okay, maybe not all year, but certainly all summer.I mean, it's not like we stand around, fretfully staring into space, waiting for the Yellow Flowers to bloom . . ...