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Me and You and Ellie · 3h ago

the blue eyed man

In the last few weeks, I have continued to share my leftovers with hungry folks around town. It has become a regular part of my morning routine to poke around the fridge for anything that mi...
Me and You and Ellie · 2d ago

Green thumb

Ok, my gardens for the last two years were total fails.But who says I can't grow anything?!Happy Spring.
Me and You and Ellie · 5d ago

Okay, We're Finally Done.

It's been a marathon of St. Patrick's Day Festivities around these parts.... . . I mean, every day, we don the beads.We don them to serve . . .. . . we don them to partake . . .It's been sup...
Me and You and Ellie · 1w ago

Photo Friday

Me and You and Ellie · 1W ago

I Love A Parade

Oh, I love a parade . . .. . . as long as it's the St. Patrick's Day parade in New London.Because, right?I'm not much for military-might. But the Coasties?Oh, we here in New London love the ...
Me and You and Ellie · 2W ago

2nd frousins

Would you just look at these two lovelies?It was so nice to visit with the wonderful Rubios last week, we had a nice dinner and shared some laughs, and reminisced about the relationship that...
Me and You and Ellie · 2W ago

Be bold

Seeing as today is International Women's Day, I thought this photo fitting.Never underestimate the power of a GIRL!  Or a woman either. As the saying goes:Here's to strong women. May we know...
Me and You and Ellie · 2W ago

Field Trip

We had a mission. We had a plan. We had a destination.And so we went on a Field Trip.Motley?Oh, we were motley.We were the motliest crew in all the land.And yes Mom, we did remember to bring...
Me and You and Ellie · 3W ago

an exciting update

I wasn't going to recycle a post today, I swear. I was going to link to an old post because I have *such* an exciting update to report. But then I located and read the old post and it cracke...
Me and You and Ellie · 3W ago

Filtered Kauai

It's hard to believe it was less than a month ago that I was in Kauai! It seems like a looong time ago. Probably because pretty much all it's done here in San Diego since I returned is rain....