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Me & My Passion · 2W ago

7 Dental Hygiene Tips besides Brushing and Flossing

So, you brush and floss your teeth every day. Or maybe you don’t…but there is much more to dental hygiene than just that. Brushing and flossing is great, but if you want great teeth, there i...
Me & My Passion · 1M ago

Keep Your Feet Happy and Healthy with These 5 Exercises

One thing that many people take for granted every day is their feet. Not many think about how your feet carry you around every day, to work, back home, to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to th...
Me & My Passion · 1M ago

Three Surprising Tips for Making Your Small Business a Success

Experts agree that starting a small business can be a risky venture, especially since the after small business owner fails within the first five years of opening their doors. However, there ...
Me & My Passion · 1M ago

3 Common Health Trends that Are Bad for Your Teeth

We all want to be healthy, so we get familiar with the most up to date ways that we can do that. But not all health trends are good for you, or all of you. A team of dentists in Twin Falls, ...
Me & My Passion · 1Y ago

A Survivor

Damage but not totally damaged. This flower may not be the prettiest of them all, but I find it very interesting. Photo was taken during our hike to the Guadalupe River last weekend.
Me & My Passion · 1M ago

5 Memorable Teeth from 5 Memorable Movies

Movies can provide us with tears of laughter, sadness, joy, and even fear. We can all think of a particular movie or film that provides each of these, and certain aspects make them so memora...
Me & My Passion · 2M ago

Fender Blues Combo Amp

If you’re looking to invest in your first amplifier which you can use for your live performances or for when you practice with your musical instruments at home, then the fender blues deluxe ...
Me & My Passion · 4M ago

Planning the Perfect Family Vacation That Everyone Will Love

Family vacations are fun, but it can be a challenge to find something everyone will love. This is especially true with teenagers. Younger kids are easy. As long as you include a playground o...
Me & My Passion · 5M ago

American Standard Stratocaster

When it comes to buying your first guitar, it can be quite confusing at first which specific guitar to choose especially since there are a wide variety of guitars to choose from. There are a...
Me & My Passion · 5M ago

Reasons to Consider Beach Wedding Packages

If you are not the bride who dreamed of having a traditional church wedding and want a ceremony that will be fun for your entire guest list, you should consider having a beach wedding. Aside...