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Meenas17'sweblog · 16h ago

I Cherish

It is home, I cherish. The comforts I enjoy might not be luxurious, the food I relish, may not be sumptuous, the bed where I recline, will not be gorgeous, the garden where I walk would not ...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1d ago


Passwords keep changing month after month in net banking. Unable to remembe. They are alphabetic, numeric with cases upper and lower. They distract, one forgest them, make things chaotic- a ...
Meenas17'sweblog · 2d ago

Numbers, Days, Beliefs

Eight and thirteen are unlucky. Number nine works wonders. Eleven is auspicious hundred is great, go the numbers. The full moon day holds marvels, new moon denotes growth. The day after thes...
Meenas17'sweblog · 4d ago

Who Should Govern?

Cine artists choose to govern a make up distinctive awkward and ghastly.
Meenas17'sweblog · 5d ago

The Spectacle

Blue, red, green and yellow appear in the sky. A spectacle splendid and exciting. The red haired bunny rises timid. The kids jump in glee, a celebration unfolds. The green parrot, soars  wit...
Meenas17'sweblog · 6d ago

Tea With Milk

Indian tea is with milk. Sugar, ginger and cardamom add taste and flavour. This drink invigorates extends an energy hard to communicate. I do not refrigerate like to go for fresh one a disci...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1w ago

My Way of Worship

I tie  flowers in the evenings place the sequence on the idols, and pray. Easy to string the delicate “pichis ” with  long stems than “mallis” that have short ones. Significant for their fra...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1W ago

I Am Off

A hectic day it is. Claims and disbursements keep me engaged . A siesta in the afternoon is my routine. Have to forsake the liberty this day. I am on the phone, this moment at the computer t...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1W ago

The Trees To Me

Singing to myself, I walk past the path. The enormous trees on the promenade stand still and straight. “Salutations to you, noble souls, I confide. Overwhelmed I move forward. Tears drop. Th...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1W ago

How I Decide?

A brisk walk in the morning lights up your mind energises your physique. Resolve to become active but stay lethargic gazing at the sky. I frame  rules with diligence break them with an extra...