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Meenas17'sweblog · 16h ago

Shiva, Micro and Macro

A critic to the end, Shiva, identifies the flaws improves, exalts, rocks royal. His emphasis, on the negative part that being minor, enlarges the micro. to macro. Responds with an ego indulg...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1w ago

Mona -An Enigma

“God be with me,” Mona exclaims. A moan rather. Pensive and sobe,r always she looks distraught at present. “What could have gone wrong?” I wonder. “Could be anything personal? could there be...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1W ago

The Truce

The swans, no longer found, seen in a picture, the one turns against the other, one looks north the other faces the southern, appear to be in love but have quarreled of late need someone to ...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1W ago

The Socio Economic Being

Living a socio economic life bound by time and relations where the self sinks into oblivion- a task of untold struggle. Even to smile, one has to be cautious, needless to say, crying is look...
Meenas17'sweblog · 1W ago

A Birth

The intellect sharpens, the pen deepens, the pages embolden, a birth is ushered – that of a poem.
Meenas17'sweblog · 2W ago

Caterpillar Into A Butterfly

The caterpillar wriggles,on the ground, an awkward style. The stripes on him look bold and big not much to the liking. He grows. Turns beautiful overnight. Attractive in ways. The crawl beco...
Meenas17'sweblog · 2W ago

The Pages Turn

a flip and a flap noisy it is. I press hard. Keep a weight over them, heavy as much. The flutter stops. I pursue with the task, concentrating at length. The door bell rings. Disturbance agai...
Meenas17'sweblog · 2W ago

Those of Grace

Scaling the heights, literal and metaphorical no wonder, encharm and enhance. Honours, excellence , make one proud no wonder, shine and evolve. Priced possessions, treasures, beauty, no wond...
Meenas17'sweblog · 2W ago

The Predicament

In certain predicament, I sit on the pouff, in a haste. It moves. I fall flat. Gather myself, straighten. Walk in a pace. I stumble. The right leg stretches. I am hurt. Pull myself together,...
Meenas17'sweblog · 2W ago

The Sojourn

Flying non stop for fourteen hours, is a drain and a strain. legs ache,the hip pleads. I stand, pause, sit shift the legs, the cramp turns unbearable.Ouch! the muscles stiffen. I fall asleep...