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Todd Frazier, leadoff candidate

As the 2018 ST season gets underway, there is some uncertainty about who will be the Mets’ leadoff batter this year. Recently, in the New York Post, sports writer Mike Puma suggested that th... · 1d ago

Pat Roessler on Juan Lagares’ new swing

Roessler may not be as visible as Kevin Long but hopefully he can replicate some of Long's work with transforming swings. · 1d ago

2018 Mets top 25 prospects: 2-1

Top prospect lists are not an easy thing to compile and they are an even harder thing to get right. I’ve done these for the past few years and while they provide interesting discourse, they ... · 2d ago

Revisiting the Jay Bruce deal in this continuing odd market

When the Mets signed Jay Bruce this offseason to a 3/$39 deal, the reaction was very positive. Everyone was glad to see the Mets sign a name free agent and most thought the terms were either... · 2d ago

Mets360 2018 projections: Todd Frazier

Late last night, the Padres signed Eric Hosmer to an 8/$144 contract, which only makes the 2/$17 deal the Mets inked Todd Frazier to look even better. And it looked pretty good the day that ... · 3d ago

Sandy Alderson is anything but trigger shy this offseason

You can call him thrifty. You can call him a bargain hunter. You can call him every mean name under the sun, if you choose to do so. But one thing you absolutely can’t call Sandy Alderson is... · 3d ago

Mets360 Draft series: The 2009 MLB Draft

Headlined by the best player of a generation, the 2009 draft has emerged as one of the best draft classes in the 21st century. One of the most recognized faces in baseball today, Mike Trout ... · 4d ago

Mets sign free agent lefty Jason Vargas

The Mets continued to be one of the most active teams in free agency, signing pitcher Jason Vargas to a two-year, $16 million deal. The signing reunites Vargas with Dave Eiland, who was his ... · 4d ago

Remember when we thought the Mets had five aces?

Two years ago, every Mets fan, including this one, okay, especially this one, was geeked up about the notion of a superstar, superhero rotation that could rival the 70s Orioles, the 80s Mets... · 5d ago

There’s something nagging about the Mets’ 2018 outlook

It’s finally here. Spring training is officially on, as pitchers and catchers had all reported by Monday’s mandatory date. Coincidentally, maybe, the New York area has emerged from its winte...