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Mia Liana · 5h ago

Rindu Nak Berceloteh Tentang Blog

Salam semua. Selamat malam dari Mia. Tentu perasan sejak akhir-akhir ini Mia update blog d...
Mia Liana · 7h ago

Tea Is My Therapy | Daily & Remedies

DailyWake up callTurmeric Tea - Anti InflammatoryMid MorningGreen Tea - Metabolism BoostAfternoonBlack Tea - Energy & FocusBefore BedChamomile Tea - Calming and RelaxingRemedies
Mia Liana · 1d ago

Kata-Kata Madah (232)

Harapan adalahakar dari semuarasa sakit di hati.- William Shakespeare** puitis...
Mia Liana · 1d ago

Health Benefits Of Lime

01. Heals oral ulcer and gives relief from congestion and nausea02. Rejuvenates skin, reduces body odor and dandruff03. Cures scurvy04. Helps in digestion and eases constipation05. Regulates sugar absorption in diabetic patients06. Eradicates root ca...
Mia Liana · 1d ago

No Squat Leg Workout

Sharing to those who are unable to do the squat leg workout due to knees problem. You may try these alternatives.01. Clams02. Bridges03. Inner thigh leg lift04. Ball hamstring curl
Mia Liana · 1d ago

Quote Of The Day (530)

Sometimes,I'm not angry,I'm hurtand there's abig difference...** to be noted...
Mia Liana · 2d ago

Disebalik Review Menu Baru Gokako

Jemput tengok dulu entri review Mia tentang menu baru dari restoren Gokako kat Paradigm Ma...
Mia Liana · 2d ago

Quote Of The Day (529)

I have learnedto care people too much,not because they are good,but because I knewthe pain of being ignored.** so true....
Mia Liana · 4d ago

Review Menu Baru Gokako @ Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

Pada hari Ahad, 4 Februari 2018, Mia diberi kesempatan untuk review menu baru restoren Gok...
Mia Liana · 4d ago

Quote Of The Day (528)

I never cared aboutthe materials thingssomeone could give me.I cared about time, attention, honesty, loyalty and effort.Those gifts mean more than anything money can buy.** the precious one....