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Miami Bourbaki · 3d ago

How "craft" fights back "not making"

Nôtre-Dame, Paris (central entrance door) The right question to ask, respecting all ornament, is simply this: Was it done with enjoyment — was the carver happy while he was about it?– John ...
Miami Bourbaki · 1W ago

Art hypnosis, or how craft becomes subservient to the art of "not making"

Damien Hirst's Demon With Bowl, 2017 (59 feet tall) aLfrEdo tRiFf 1. Art as socio-aesthetic hypnosis Above, see Damien Hirst's grand Demon with Bowl (2017) at the inner patio of the Palaz...
Miami Bourbaki · 3W ago

Abd Al Malik & la philosophie du rap

Miami Bourbaki · 1M ago

Rapping Kristeva

Miami Bourbaki · 1M ago

The stench of nepostism atop of the art world

i.e., both curators curated their significant others aLfrEdo tRifF Congratulations to Hili Perlson and Julia Halperin from artnews, for their uncovering of nepotism at the high echelons o...
Miami Bourbaki · 1M ago

artspeak's fumblings

aLfrEdo tRifF it's difficult to remain neutral with artspeak. the style oscillates between the pseudo-theoretical (derridean deconstructive morsels, demanian undecidability rants, neocoloni...
Miami Bourbaki · 3M ago

contingency is always encouraged by outdated models of order and compulsion (depending how threatening the problem of contingency is thought to be)

Miami Bourbaki · 3M ago

Deen Burbigo ++++Addictions+++++

Miami Bourbaki · 3M ago

Foucault's chironomia

aLfrEdo tRifF ...whereas the hands may almost be said to speak. Quintilian Michel Foucault's personality was intense & deliberate, his explosive laughter was famous. But his hands have no...
Miami Bourbaki · 4M ago

How Roberta Smith arthoodicates 1980s painting for the New York Times by pretending not to

Left, Kathe Burkhart’s painting Prick: From the Liz Taylor Series (Suddenly Last Summer), from 1987, reprises a movie scene with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. Right, Baron Sinister ...