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Miami Bourbaki · 1W ago

contingency is always encouraged by outdated models of order and compulsion (depending how threatening the problem of contingency is thought to be)

Miami Bourbaki · 1W ago

Deen Burbigo ++++Addictions+++++

Miami Bourbaki · 1W ago

Foucault's chironomia

aLfrEdo tRifF ...whereas the hands may almost be said to speak. Quintilian Michel Foucault's personality was intense & deliberate, his explosive laughter was famous. But his hands have no...
Miami Bourbaki · 4W ago

How Roberta Smith arthoodicates 1980s painting for the New York Times by pretending not to

Left, Kathe Burkhart’s painting Prick: From the Liz Taylor Series (Suddenly Last Summer), from 1987, reprises a movie scene with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. Right, Baron Sinister ...
Miami Bourbaki · 1M ago

burger-eating castration playing as carnophalogocentric deferment of seduction

Miami Bourbaki · 1M ago

Why this now?

Why now? (coming soon)
Miami Bourbaki · 1Y ago

see the roachface you roachphobics?

aLfReDo tRifF Let's bring forth the following conjecture: Being signifies on the basis of the one-for-the-other of substitution of the same for the other.* Why not apply this conjecture ...
Miami Bourbaki · 1M ago

What's Trumplogic?

alFReDO tRifF Let's take Donald Trump's first tweet above: Any negative polls are fake news, No matter how many, all? What a bizarre conjecture. Given any poll range from positive to ne...
Miami Bourbaki · 1M ago

How praise becomes sycophantic flattery

Marjorie Welish, Before After Oaths Gray 4, 2013 (via Art News) alFredO tRifF Happy Friday. Looking for art news & I find this review at –what a chance–Art News! This is how critic and Ar...
Miami Bourbaki · 1M ago

why spend money on traveling? enjoy your 2M k/h galactic ride!

at the guardian (look at the video in the article).