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Michael Phillip Cash · 2d ago

Crashing...RL Jackson

SCRIPT:FADE IN:INT. – LIVINGROOM DESK- NIGHTSUPER: “3:00 A.M”R.L, early 30-something sits ...
Michael Phillip Cash · 1W ago

Pod Fire Radio Show Sponsors

Michael Phillip Cash · 2W ago

Meet R.L. Jackson: Author Interview

Meet R.L. Jackson. Author Extraordinaire.1- Where did your idea for this novel come from?I had the story rolling around in my head for a while but honestly, I get inspired from music. Full o...
Michael Phillip Cash · 2W ago

Meet Alex Carver: Author Interview

I would like to introduce you to Alex Carver, the creative writer behind the Inspector Stone series!1- Who is your favorite character that you've written and why?I like Zack Wild, who features in my next release, there are elements of me in the chara...
Michael Phillip Cash · 4W ago

Interview With V’sair from The Battle for Darracia series

We’re thrilled to be talking to V’sair from Michael Phillip Cash’s, The Battle for Darracia series. It is a pleasure to have him with us today at Pimp That Character!
Michael Phillip Cash · 1M ago

It Is Takeover Day! Join Me For Giveaways!

Today I am taking over Sarah Noffke's Facebook group. It is called Awesome Reading Maratho...
Michael Phillip Cash · 3M ago

Book Awards!

Stillwell - Awards:NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award WinnerRebecca's Reads Choice Awards WinnerHoboken International Film Festival - Best Screenplay (Unproduced) Nomination2013 Foreword's...
Michael Phillip Cash · 3M ago

Presenting IndieReader’s annual list of their best reviewed indie titles of 2016

HORRORAn amusement park featuring werewolves, vampires, and zombies is a facade for a diabolical plan: MONSTERLAND By Michael Phillip Cash.
Michael Phillip Cash · 3M ago

Judge’s Commentary For The Battle for Darracia

Entry Title The Battle for DarraciaAuthor: Michael Phillip CashJudge Number: 10Entry Categ...
Michael Phillip Cash · 3M ago

C.L. Lynch

At first, I thought it would be simple. Edit my book, get a cover design, publish it on Amazon.Then I started researching it.After reading more self-publishing websites than I can count, I f...