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Michael's Fiction · 8M ago

100 Word Challenge: "Can't"

[The 100 Word Challenge is for the word "record", a word you can use in all sorts of ways. The way I chose to use it is in the following story, "Can't".] Madeline is very tall, and she ha...
Michael's Fiction · 8M ago

100 Word Challenge: "Use Other Side"

[After a prolonged post election slump/pout, I return to the 100 Word Challenge with this entry, "Use Other Side," for the word "Sorry".] I almost drop the clipboard. "Sorry,"...
Michael's Fiction · 10M ago

Cri De Coeur

To quote Jerry Orbach's character in "Dirty Dancing", "when I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong." I was wrong. Tuesday's election has shocked me as much, I think, as any event in my life thus...
Michael's Fiction · 12M ago

Even More Updates

Pure Slush's Matt Potter has seen fit to publish a story of mine, "Temporary", as part of his "Cake" theme. The story can be found here.
Michael's Fiction · 1Y ago


To delve back into self promotion for just the briefest of moments, new books including stories by yours truly are available here, including the Pure Slush volumes "Five", "tall...ish", and ...
Michael's Fiction · 1Y ago

The Center Cannot Hold: Thoughts On Orlando

So, another mass shooting. It is an obscenity that I have to write that sentence. Mass shootings should be as rare as hen's teeth, as uncommon as Halley's Comet or a Bartolo Colon home ru...
Michael's Fiction · 1Y ago

100 Word Challenge: "Sunday Morning Coming Down"

[The 100 Word Challenge this week is a little more straightforward, this week's word being "Power". This is called "Sunday Morning Coming Down"]"Balance of power?," she said. "Power doesn't...
Michael's Fiction · 1Y ago

100 Word Challenge: "Exit"

[This week's 100 Word Challenge is a little different. Instead of involving the inclusion of something, this week requires 100 words with the absence of something. Just for fun, I'm not goin...
Michael's Fiction · 1Y ago

100 Word Challenge: "Twilight"

[For this month's 100 Word Story Photo Challenge hosted at 100WordStory.Org, I wrote this, called "Twilight"] The men walked up the hill away from the house. Their footsteps were silent in ...
Michael's Fiction · 1Y ago

100 Word Challenge: "2AM Sportscenter"

[The 100 Word Challenge brings us the word "dream". This is called "2AM Sportscenter"] I couldn't really sleep, and I'm running. I spend the night drifting slowly between the harsh ligh...