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Michael's Lair · 11M ago

A Slower Path

What we’ve taken on heavies our load Done with such confidence that we seemed bold Truth be known we’ve slipped up before now Dreams had to be left behind disavowed Not being forgot, a slowe...
Michael's Lair · 11M ago

Poet’s Words

The words reflect the poet’s depth of thought Accounting for antagonist’s naught Crushed by the wheels of the juggernaut Accomplishing without looking haut © 2011 Michael YostFiled under: Po...
Michael's Lair · 11M ago

Panic Attack

Thinking I lost my web site after a reset.Filed under: Poetry
Michael's Lair · 11M ago

It Should Have Been Six

  If she would love me I’d feel it forced If she would love me I’d feel remorse It should have happened already by now It should have happened before our vows   If I had known it was out … C...
Michael's Lair · 11M ago


Start capturing your own irrational fears Before they take over and become too severe They can cancel your life before it begins You could cut yourself off and fall deep within You can put d...
Michael's Lair · 11M ago

In the Glass I See

There in the glass I see a sixteen year old boy with an old man’s mask on. I begin to notice the dark circles under the green eyes that sparkle; nothing dull yet; but his glasses do need cle...
Michael's Lair · 11M ago

I Haven’t Done Anything yet Either

The halls echo softly with children’s cries Mom lies in her locked hole getting high Garbage strewn beneath the children’s feet Refrigerator unplugged with nothing to eat   Bulging bellies i...
Michael's Lair · 11M ago

Hurt and Love are Magnetic

You hurt when one of your loved ones hurts. There are no words that can make their hurt go away or ease unrequited love.  All you can do is be there when needed. 2016 Michael Yost 04/08Filed...
Michael's Lair · 11M ago

Cold Again

Her side is cold again Asking aloud what about us I’ve have always been here I did it this time by turning your head away Nobody lives forever on the blue Smaller than a grain of sand’s mole...
Michael's Lair · 1Y ago


That’s Pete and myself 20 years ago. Today I walked the rail alone, because Pete had to ride. It was a beautiful coach and everything; He always looked his best in his dress blues. It was a ...