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Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 4h ago

NapoWriMo Day 26–Thank you haiku

I received this lovely postcard at the beginning of April from Irene Latham, writer and poet, who has been posting ARTSPEAK! Portrait poems, and hosting the Progressive Poem on her blog this...
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 2d ago

#NaPoWriMo day 24, #WIP, & EAC Spring Session 2 Art Classes

Beauty and Spring Flowers Beauties there in front of you, patiently waiting,  just open up your eyes . . . © 2017 Michelle Kogan My Evanston Art Center Spring Session 2 art classes start nex...
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 3d ago

#NaPoWriMo Day 23, #watercolor, #poems, #picturebooks

Growing Poetry   To write each day far from a chore, will open up magical doors.   To read, to think, is like one’s breath– Ideas sprout and scenes are set.   Attend your tool. carve out you...
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 6d ago

Poetry Friday– #NaPoWriMo & Earth Day

Support Women of Science Embrace women leading us in science–Protecting life, water, and air! Anita Studer –Swiss, ornithologist and environmentalist. She went to Brazil to study a          ...
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 1W ago

#NaPoWriMo Day 18 haiku & watercolor

towering tulip took me three times to capture her springtime splendor. . . © 2017 Michelle Kogan Tagged: Art, Michelle Kogan, NaPoWriMo, pen, poetry, spring, Tulips, video, Watercolor
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 1W ago

#NaPoWriMo day 16–Poem inspired by a small old cemetery

Hidden Cemeteries Reflections of holidays, spiritual journeys join, taking pauses, connecting with earlier bygone times. Stumbling on cemeteries, story stones remembrance, lineage lines rede...
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 1W ago

NaPoWriMo Day 15 frogs and the Frick

Beware the pair of bullfrogs of the Frick, Posing fellows that you can snap a pic. Unguarded guardians who Spew water right in your view, They’re the only art there you’ll copy quick. © 2017...
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 1W ago

Poetry Friday & #NaPoWriMo Cherry Blossom Crossroads

Crossroads of cherry blossom change Navigating the present path pondering the future, re-arrange. Springtime budding, knowledge blooming, collegial fledglings solo flight, all grown up and u...
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 2W ago

#NaPoWriMo NYC

springtime’s aglow in nyc’s washington  park people parade. © 2017 Michelle Kogan Tagged: Haiku, Michelle Kogan, NaPoWriMo, NYC, springtime pen
Michelle Kogan Illustration, · 2W ago

#NaPoWriMo Day 9, Tanka & Bunny

Peek-a-boo bunny,  daughter, daddy and me,  are springing off for  a wee spring gathering,  and we’ll hop back next week. © 2017  Michelle Kogan ps bunny says she’ll try to post poems while ...