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BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 1d ago

How to Save a Boiling Frog

The day after Donald Trump’s election was a tough one for me. Like many, I had believed it was a done deal. President Hillary Clinton was supposed to be a thing. I was supposed to wake to a ...
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 1W ago

Thoughts and Reviews

I do a lot of thinking. Some might say too much. I’ve been thinking a lot recently in light of the Time’s Up movement in Hollywood and around the nation about how my genre of writing needs t...
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 2W ago

Snow Day with Reviews

I woke this morning to a rare sight in Eastern North Carolina: Yes, that is my front yard covered in 3-5 inches of SNOW, also known as white gold for its rarity in these parts of the country. I was … Continue reading →
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 3W ago

End of Year Retrospective: Why I Write

This is the time of year I look back on what I’ve accomplished and wonder—yet again—why do I bother writing romance novels? My readers number in the dozens. And most of those are friends. (W...
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 1M ago

Starting an email list: An act of courage

Remember your eighth grade dance? We called them sock hops. I say eighth grade because it was late enough in the game so you didn’t go to dances just to run around and play with your friends...
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 1M ago

Winter Solstice Fun and Some Great Reviews for Movie Magic

It’s the winter solstice, and therefore my favorite day of the year! Why is that?, you ask. Because it’s traditionally accepted that every day after today is leading up to spring! It’s like hitting rock bottom…the only place left to … Continue readin...
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 1M ago

Having fun at a review tour stop!

I’m enjoying my time immensely at My Reading Journeys today. The commenters have been awesome, and the review was very complimentary. Read some of it yourself: “I love a good romance.  And, ...
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 1M ago

Being a writer

What’s it like to be a writer? Here’s the truth. Being a writer sucks. Being a writer is glorious. Being a writer is frustrating. In today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to be successful at...
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 1M ago

Buy local: Support independent authors

Studies show that buying local is important to local economies, right? More of the money you spend returns to your own local economy. Did you know buying from an independent local author has...
BREATHE: Michelle Garren Flye · 1M ago

How I spent November and what NaNoWriMo means

Yes, you can tell a lot from a picture. This particular one is not worth a mere thousand words, though. It’s worth 50,000. And yes, it means I did indeed “win” National Novel Writing Month. ...