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Michelles Book Ends · 5d ago

"Girl in Snow" by Danya Kukafka

Buy "Girl in Snow" on sale August 1st on Amazon: click hereFor the first time in three and a half years, Cameron started to cry. The tears were hot on
Michelles Book Ends · 5d ago

"Not So Sweet Maria" (Sisters by Marriage Book 1) by Jessica Spencer

                                                                                                 Buy "Not So Sweet Maria" on Amazon: click here!"She had only one dream. She would go to Ameri...
Michelles Book Ends · 1W ago

"The Redemption of Charlie McCoy" by C.D. Wilsher

                                                                                                                                          Buy "The Redemption of Charlie McCoy" now on Amazon:...
Michelles Book Ends · 3W ago

"Retaking Pervaiske" The Army of Orphans Book Two by F. B. Veneziano

                                                                                             Buy "Retaking Pervaiske" Army of Orphans Book 2 now on Amazon: click here
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Mine" by A. N. Senerella

                                                                                                               Expected publication is June 21, 2017Foster is new at school. Anika seems to be...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Forbidden Beginnings" Jacqueline's Tragedy by William Rubin

             Buy "Forbidden Beginnings" now on Amazon: click here!                           "Dad in a lifeless voice replies, "We don't know much right now, son, just that your mother was f...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Bad Mommy" by Tarryn Fisher

                                                                                          Buy "Bad Mommy" now on Amazon"This was my future, this man. I loved him. He was everything I'd wante...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Resurrection America" by Jeff Gunhus

                                                                                            Buy "Resurrection America" June 5th on Amazon: click here!"Things could have gone in a different d...
Michelles Book Ends · 2M ago

"Dangerous Ends" A Pete Fernandez Mystery by Alex Segura

                                                                                                                                                         Buy "Dangerous Ends" now on Amazon: c...
Michelles Book Ends · 3M ago

"Jeopardy in July" A Jamie Quinn Mystery by Barbara Venkataraman

                                                                                                                    Buy "Jeopardy in July" now on Amazon: click here!"After we said our good-b...