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Michelles Book Ends · 3d ago

"Gone on Sunday" A Cotton Lee Penn Historical Mystery Book 1 by Tower Lowe

                                                                             Buy " Gone on Sunday" now on Amazon: click here!"Good luck to you and Walker," Cotton Lee said. She'd never reall...
Michelles Book Ends · 4d ago

"The Sacrifice" by Indrajit Garai

                                                                                                              Buy "The Sacrifice" on Amazon: click here!These are three heart felt stories abo...
Michelles Book Ends · 3W ago

"Auburn Ride" by David Stever

                            Buy "Auburn Ride" now on Amazon: click here!"I drove in a police cruiser thousands of times over my twenty- year career but last night was the first time I was in...
Michelles Book Ends · 4W ago

"Molding My Destiny" by Patrice M. Foster

        Buy "Molding My Destiny" now on Amazon: click here!"I didn't realize that your past really sticks with you. You don't just walk through a nice new door and step into a shining opport...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

" A New Normal" by Beverley Hollowed

                                                                                                                                                    "Grace wondered when this hurt was going t...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Reaper's Claim" by Simone Elise

Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"The Devil Crept In" by Ania Ahlborn

Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Beautiful Broken Girls" by Kim Savage

                                                                                                          Buy "Beautiful Broken Girls" on Feb 21st at Amazon: click here!"Everyone wanted to t...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Roam" by Erik Therme

                            Buy "Roam" on sale Feb. 21st. on Amazon: click here"And if I were you, I'd be skeptical about accepting a ride if someone does come by. Someone might drive past m...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"The Twilight Tsunami" by Shelby Londyn-Heath

Buy "The Twilight Tsunami" on Amazon: click here!"Grey, he went so far as to say we should get rid of law enforcement that is spending billions on the war on drugs, a war that has never work...