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Michelles Book Ends · 2d ago

"Birthday Girl" by Matthew Iden

"Sister was descending the stairs backward so she could drag a large bundle, something long, wrapped in a blanket, and heavy enough that she was having trouble lifting it.".....Elliot Nash i...
Michelles Book Ends · 3d ago

"Let Me Lie" by Clare Mackintosh

                                                                                         "Suicide? Think again. Not suicide. Murder. Someone stole the life I had. Someone murdered my mother....
Michelles Book Ends · 2W ago

Lion On Fire by Ted Galdi

"Something just doesn't feel right about it. Kip got into this mess by selling drugs, by veering into the underworld. And now I, the good brother who never broke a rule in his life, am suppo...
Michelles Book Ends · 3W ago

"Player's Game" by Desirae Clark

Michelles Book Ends · 3W ago

"Minetta Lane" (Slavery and Beyond Book 3)

Michelles Book Ends · 3W ago

"The Whisperer" by A. Ireland King

Buy "The Whisperer" now on Amazon: click here“I’m a whisperer,’ he says. “I speak to the living: in their thoughts, in their hearts, and in their dreams. “It’s like a whisper to them, so qui...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"The Great Alone" by Kristin Hannah

Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"The Slowest Death" A Jack Murphy Thriller by Rick Reed

Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Killer Choice" by Tom Hunt

                                                                                                       Buy "Killer Choice" Jan. 30th on Amazon: click here!“He’d always wanted to get the hell...
Michelles Book Ends · 1M ago

"Sepultura" by Guy Portman

"Jeffrey Dahmer may have kept human body parts in his fridge, but he was a sick individual, unlike me. I keep pimiento stuffed olives in my fridge, various other Mediterranean style mixes, c...