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Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 17h ago


Walking down a path on a grey desolate day when no one seems to be around to embrace no one around to socialize no one to witness the sadness in the eyes looking at the moments at the memori...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 2W ago

Her Destiny Unknown

She had it all the dreams the styles the dead presidents the jewels she knew the ins the outs she knew the business she knew the rules she could manipulate the loyal she could isolate the fo...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 2W ago

Complementos Por Belleza

El dijo a ella que ella es bonita.                                                                                                […]
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 3W ago

Autumn Time Moves On

Down a trail once covered in the blossoms of a warm July he walks to admire the new stark present as petals and leaves now cover his path leaving only the bare of time moved on.   A dark mud...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 4W ago

Pan De Muertos

These are four loaves of Pan De Muertos ~ Bread Of The Dead I made tonight!!
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Bizcocho de Parcha ~ Passion Fruit Cake

Migueltio The North Country Latino makes a delicious Passion Fruit Cake with Passion Fruit Cream and Passion Fruit Curd fillings!!
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Live The Beauty!

A Bard Owl on a starry but dark night sounds like pure natural delight while a fire is busily crackling bringing forth the textures that show in each layer the beauty of creation.   So many ...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Levantaras Borinquen

Borinquen tu belleza regresara tu gente perseveraran.   Borinquen tu energia remendara tus recursos reavivaran.   Tu deseo es fuerte no ha recibido su muerte.   Tu destino es en tus manos co...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

They Were Honorable Too

A story now to be told a story for years left out in the cold a story now over forty years old it is time to tell it break it out of the mold.   The Viet Minh The Viet Cong the bureaucrats a...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 2M ago

Tomorrow Is In Our Hands Today

What are we doing? What are we not doing? What are our younger and future generations going to really and truly learn to do because we who once did see things through became dependent on som...