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Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1d ago

Stop Erasing The True Colors

Can you see? Can you see me? Do you see do you see me do you see the real me part of me all of me? I am here in front of your face do I strike fear into your happy place I have a face I have...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 2d ago

When The Fall Is Taken

Where and when does life begin to end in its significance in its enjoyment is it measured only by triumph is it significant only by employment?   When do the steps you walk begin to end afte...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1W ago

Every Step Mattered

Every Step Mattered   Many marched today they marched today in a way that in the past they could only say that they wanted some day to march again like the way that they finally did today.  ...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 3W ago

For Greater Good

Nature sometimes needs technology and technology is beautiful when it helps nature endure and prosper.   When the right minds get together and learn how much better a plant can be tended to ...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 3W ago

Truly Talented

She stepped on that stage at an early age ever flying high like a dove having burst from its cage.   Each year each song each style she worked hard never letting a new challenge deal her a l...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Pollo Asado in the Red Copper Square Pan

Migueltio  The North Country Latino tests out the famous Red Copper Square Pan to see if a roast chicken really comes out as perfect as they say on tv.  
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Sometimes Good To Look Back

I see bridges burning over the horizon a fog-like smoke already building making vision an entity of difficulty some saw coming but others denied.   History was always a teaching of lessons t...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Twenty Three Years Celebrated Today

  Twenty-three years ago   a guy and a gal   woke up early   in separate parts   of town.       Twenty-three years ago, and   two hours later they   were sitting at breakfast he   with her b...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

About Cinco

What about Cinco De Mayo? What about Mexico? What if Mexico had not won? What if Mexico had not defeated France? What if a literal army of peasants had not taken a passionate persevering sta...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Can We Learn Again?

We used to think that one color over another color was superior. We used to think that other colors to our color were inferior.   Time was when another color had to sit in the back, had to p...