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Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1W ago

Happy Tomato Pie Day!

If you’ve never tried even a piece of Tomato Pie before, add it to your bucket list!! Advertisements
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 2W ago


It is snowin’ today its snowin’ again its snowin’ and its blowin’ my mind away wondering soon if EVER I will wake up to a nicer more normal spring day?   So what is normal will the day ever ...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 3W ago

Spring Breakout!

It is time to break out from the bonds of past constraints it is time to break down the toxic barriers caused by melodramas and complaints.   It is time to break out from the winter that has...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Walking Out

They walked because their leaders have only talked.   There was talk of making things better but all that was said   was sent straight away to the office of dead ears and of the dead letter....
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Forty Days

Lent is purple penitential prayerful. To many Lent is dull to many the thought of Lent clouds the excitement of life with a grey foggy lull.   Lent in The North is still the presence of Wint...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 1M ago

Murderous Eyes

We see the eyes every time they show the face   which at a distinct time not long ago began to affix   its eyes on a deadly prize while living day to day   under a stealth hidden facial disg...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 2M ago

Success (based on words written by Angie Martinez)

Get out there and do your best and when your dreams come true and you achieve success do not let others match your pace and run along aside your race do not let them get in your face and try...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 2M ago

Deepest Thinking

Do you ever daydream? Do you ever linger in thought making a wish that what is real is not as taxing or not as tough as presently it may seem?   One a winter’s night of a gentle snow do you ...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 3M ago


It is amazing to see what hands can make. It is amazing to taste what hands can bake. It is amazing to know what hands can grow. It is amazing to realize what hands can materialize. The beau...
Migueltio's Banana Smoothie · 3M ago

New Inspirations

Writing today it’s a new season it’s a new day I cannot think of a better reason to write before this cold day retreats into a stormier night in this recently arrived new year I look at each...