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Mimi Writes It's been said I tell a good story
Mimi Writes · 3d ago

Groovy. It's a Word.

Be there or be square.Our theme this year is Finding Peace in Overwhelming TimesGo to for complete detailsDesigned by peace blogger and Author Michelle Culp @ BindingInk.orgFo...
Mimi Writes · 1W ago

Blog 4 Peace Day NOV 4, 2017 ~ Finding Peace In Overwhelming Times

Welcome to the 12th year of peace blogging in the Blogosphere. BlogBlast For Peace  (aka B...
Mimi Writes · 3W ago

10 Reasons Why The World Cannot End Today

Surely you've heard the apocalyptic warning by now that the world as we know it, will end today. Today's random date was picked for Biblical AND Astrological reasons (!) which makes it all t...
Mimi Writes · 1M ago

Hurricane Irma ~ Waiting Out a Storm

When I was a young girl growing up in the south, my great-grandmother lived next door. We called her Granny. She wore her hair in a beautiful French braid that she twisted and turned up her ...
Mimi Writes · 2M ago

Can a Solar Eclipse Teach Us To Live In Peace?

My biggest fear in the seventies was whether or not my brothers would be drafted to go to ...
Mimi Writes · 2M ago

Monday Mimisms ~ Let's Talk About Depression

Once upon a long time ago, I had a part-time job working for a salesman who lived in my ne...
Mimi Writes · 3M ago

It's A Great Day To Walk On The Beach

I'm not at the beach today but I remember this vacation well.I wrote in the sand. Explorin...
Mimi Writes · 3M ago

Sunday Morning Me

For a teacher, every day is "Sunday morning" in the summertime. And I'm loving it! My body...
Mimi Writes · 3M ago

Happy Independence Day!

A lifetime of thanks to the men and women who risk all to keep us free
Mimi Writes · 3M ago

Smoke and Mirrors

Sometimes I worry that age will dictate who I am.That I'll end up being one of those women desperately trying to hold on to their youth, in ways that don't flatter them. Wearing shorter hair because it's suitable for a woman of that age  (there's tha...