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Mimi Writes It's been said I tell a good story
Mimi Writes · 3W ago

Memorial Day 2017

We honor those who gave the ultimate sacrificeso that we may live in peaceJoin us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4Like Our Facebook PagePeace Store Pin It
Mimi Writes · 2M ago

An Easter Story for the believer, the non-believer, and everyone in between

Once upon a time I worked for a man who claims he saw an angel not just any 'ole angel,...
Mimi Writes · 3M ago

Who Needs a Weatherman When You Can Smell Snow?

I have this special intuitive power you see....I kept waking up all night to look out the ...
Mimi Writes · 5M ago

Monday Mimisms ~ How To Survive The Inauguration 101

Regardless of whether your politics fall to the left, right, or somewhere in the middle, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States in four days. I remember...
Mimi Writes · 5M ago

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ Garments of Destiny and Other Fine Words

Today we celebrate the incredible life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Most of us think of him as a warrior for social justice.  And he was.  But roots in his character and associa...
Mimi Writes · 5M ago

The Virgin Beauty of Untouched Snow

I love the way the world stops when it snows.As if it somehow those bursting clouds know w...
Mimi Writes · 5M ago

Crossing The Road

It's New Year's Day 2017 in the castle of Bloggingham. Homer (the palace dog) is up and at 'em chasing the neighborhood beauties 'round and around the trees - or maybe that was a squirrel - ...
Mimi Writes · 7M ago

I Am Sure, Quite Sure, That Today Is NOT My Birthday

It's the same every blog year. November 29th rolls around and the calendar says it's my birthday. But it can't be my birthday. The year I was born this man, Abraham Lincoln Dwight D. Eisenho...
Mimi Writes · 7M ago

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ Gather Your Tribe

Welcome to BlogBlast For Peace 2016. We look forward to seeing your peace globe and reading your blog post or social media post! Please add your name to the Links in the sidebar so that we m...
Mimi Writes · 7M ago

The Eve of BlogBlast For Peace (Blog4Peace) ~ Papa's Marbles

It is November 2, 2016 and we are on the cusp of the tenth year of peace blogging. Two days from now we will once again speak "Dona nobis pacem" in the Blogosphere  and Blog4Peace 2016 will ...