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English - Horror, Art, Entertainment
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 2Y ago

Simpsons Database

There’s a huge Simpsons database of screenshots that you can search by Quote and your exact scene will come up. Called Frinkiac And if it wasn’t the episode you were looking for,  shows you ...
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

Weird Websites, Hidden Hacks, and Google/YouTube & other Fun Tricks

Weird and interesting websites, google and other tips & tricks to play with, hidden treasures and interactive stuff. There is endless web weirdness out there and we plan on finding all of it...
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

Artist Spotlight: Anton Semenov

Beautifully Dark Atmospheric Artwork by Russian Graphic Designer and Digital Artist – Anton Semenov More Art and Full Gallery @ Source: Artist Spotlight: Anton Semenov
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

“ReMoved” 1 and 2 (Short-Films)

'ReMoved' is a gripping, numerous award-winning, 2-Part Short Film about a young girl’s journey through the Abyss of the child care system. I stepped away from Horror this time to share thi...
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

Artist Spotlight: NocturnalDevil

The Creepy Cute Cartoons of Sheharzad NocturnalDevil, dark humor in role reversals like food or animals with humans, and the comic strip (and video) of Acid Boy who, well, throws acid in you...
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

The Real Reality (updated 5/15)

Source: The Real Reality (updated 5/15)
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

*Updated* “360” VR, Interactive, Music, Star Wars, and other Videos.

Witness the future of videos, gifs, and maybe even movies. "Cinemagraphs" and 180 - 360 - degree Interactive VR Music and POV Action Videos that let you control the camera during the video.....
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

Halloween Post 2: Interactive Insanity

Source: Halloween Post 2: Interactive Insanity Friday the 13th Post Number 1 and Number 2 Mind Space Apocalypse Free Full Movie As Long As It’s Up: Bloody Pit of Horror – Based on the writin...
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

Artist Spotlight: Fantastic Fantasy Art by “Yayashin”

Check out this gallery of Awesome Fantasy Art by the artist that goes by Yayashin, includes an art video with the song "Juliet" by Emilie Autumn.
Mind Space Apocalypse WP · 1Y ago

Movie News & Updates. From Demons to Disney, Horror to Egyptian Gods

#MovieNews and #Horror Updates: A look at what's coming soon like "Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies" "Gods of Egypt" and a back-to-back stacked arsenal of live-action films from the dominating...