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;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 12M ago

Monday Blues,.

You know something I hat,... dislike?I hate that feeling when you get so narrow-sighted that life becomes a race. You wake up, get to work, tasks task task, you take a small break. Chit-chat...
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Quick & Easy,.

I'm doing things I should not do,. Exposing myself to crazy logic.I'm currently working OT on my on time though,. Cleaning up a backlog of things to do at work. Started with 40 tasks,. I'm d...
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Just before I sleep,.

Well, the idea is to go to sleep,. but before I do,. Just a few thoughts I had today,.- I should stayed quiet about the dream I had over the weekend,. It was Ok,. but not what I want,.- On t...
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Under the Storm /// And here we are,.

Oh how time ticks,. oh how it also tocks,.I heard a really good quote from Penn & Teller earlier today,.You don't heal a broken heart by pretending is not broken,. The more I discern the phr...
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Jaded and Drained - Time for Priorities

I've lost my comfort zone. Work has been stable,. But other parts of my life keep causing me stress,. And I've gotten to a crossroad. To a place where I need to unload a lot of negative ener...
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Into the Darkness (We make our way),.

I make my way,. I make my way down a tunnel of cold blue darkness. Within it's walls, I see images of what once was. Of who I once decided to be. Of who I became to please others, never myse...
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Truths hurt,.

I need words of wisdom right now,. I need uncloaked attraction & casual sex,. This from someone unbiased of it all,. Maybe that covers the pain,.Sounds stupid, but sometimes stupid is not so...
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Muhammad Ali - 1942-2016

Words we all can learn from,.
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Closing Doors on Ghosts, Ghouls & Goblins,.

Things change no matter what,. No one can control it, but why would you want to,.? Guess I have stumbled into this "let the pieces fall as they may" mentality. And with that,. and so many ch...
;:mind of a daydreamer:; · 1Y ago

Inmovable Object,.

Swallowed by darkness,. all lights are off,. Just the dim brightness of my screen,. Tomorrow is another day,. Yet here I sit obsessed by things I should let go,. And not letting them go keep...