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Miss Quilling ♥ Gioielli di carta!

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Shylaa Shree Working and mother of two kids and my passion is cooking and quilling

Reads about: quilling, handmade cards, paper crafts, crafts, fashion

Sara Piersanti Ciao, mi chiamo Sara. Vivo a Fano in provincia di Pesaro-Urbino con mio marito Marco e il mio gatto ...

Reads about: creatività, crafts, scrapbooking, home decor, cardmaking

Rosaria Terranova Mamma a tempo pieno e blogger per passione

Reads about: cucina, ricette, libri, cibo, food

Vera Lucia Carbone C...

Reads about: quilling, crafts, paper crafts, cards, art

Giovanna Scardilli

Reads about: carta, quilling, gioielli

Ra Ma Realizzo gioielli e decorazioni di carta!
Paper jewels and decorations totally handmade!!

Reads about: gioielli, carta, quilling, craft, receipt

Sabrina Sanseverino Dollmaker

Reads about: home decor, shabby chic, art, shabby, handmade

Ellen Emery

Reads about: sewing, quilling, crafts, fashion, quilting

Alex Bonetto

Reads about: art, design, crafts, art journal, mixed media

Norkamilah Muhamad Kraftangan

Reads about: quilling, art, crafts, craft, paper quilling

Federica Carlessi

Reads about: carta, quilling, gioielli

Melyx Mey-Chan Spirito libero
(*^◇^)_✂-- ❈(∩`-´)⊃━━☆゚.*・。゚➳❇ Amo l'arte in tutte le sue forme ,creare disfare e ...

Reads about: makeup, beauty, fashion, giappone, books

Elisa Salina

Reads about: handmade, sewing, home decor, creatività, creazioni

Francesca Romana Sep...

Reads about: cucina, ricette, food, fashion, foodaccessori

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