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Mister Italo · 17h ago

Ali Renault - High rise (2016)

Third cut from the EP "Keeper Of The Seven Keys". Ali Renault also is able to go slow - and massive though.
Mister Italo · 2d ago

Ali Renault - Model of hope (2016)

Dark - darker - Ali Renault!
Mister Italo · 5d ago

Ali Renault - Keeper of the seven keys (2016)

Ali Renault delivers a great dark piece of Nu-Italo again.
Mister Italo · 1W ago

Frank Lober - L'obscure object du d├ęsir (2016)

That's the other side of "Vince Watson - Freaker Speaker" I introduced the last time. Also a strictly floor gem.
Mister Italo · 1W ago

Vince Watson - Speaker freaker (2016)

Something between Techno and House definitely for the floor. Come on and start your extra long weekend.
Mister Italo · 1W ago

Rimini Sunset - Sunrise (Ali Renault's Cosmic Atonement) (2016)

Also our London based friend Ali Renault gave "Sunrise" his own touch. It's very difficult to say which one is the best version.
Mister Italo · 2W ago

Rimini Sunset - Sunrise (Bottin Remix) (2016)

Bottin gives an additional punch of Italo to the original.
Mister Italo · 2W ago

Rimini Sunset - Sunrise (2016)

This track is surely influenced by Italo.
Mister Italo · 2W ago

Rimini Sunset - Longchamp (2016)

Epic masterpiece!
Mister Italo · 3W ago

Rimini Sunset - Mangusta 2016)

Another favorite gem from Rimini Sunset.