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MLB reports · 1h ago

Sully Baseball Podcast – Marlins Fans are the Most Loyal in All of Baseball – December 12, 2017

Is there a fan base whose fans are more loyal and shown more dedication than the Miami Marlins? I don’t think so. They suffer and get no sympathy… in fact their very existence is questioned....
MLB reports · 1d ago

Sully Baseball Podcast – Trammell and Morris in the Hall of Fame and other Cooperstown Wishes – December 11, 2017

Detroit Tigers stars Alan Trammell and Jack Morris are now Hall of Famers. Whatever you think of that bears no matter. They are in. Deal with it. It looks like this summer will be super crow...
MLB reports · 3d ago

Sully Baseball Podcast – Talking Yankees and Aaron Boone with Lisa Swan – December 9, 2017

Frequent guest of the podcast Lisa Swan, co creator of Subway Squawkers, joined the podcast to talk about the Yankees and the hiring of Aaron Boone. This was recorded a few hours before the ...
MLB reports · 4d ago

Sully Baseball Podcast – A sense of urgency with the A’s Stadium – December 8, 2017

The A’s stadium plan at a local college fell through. They HAVE to come up with a solution soon, even if it is a painful divorce. Pushing for solutions in this Episode of Sully Baseball. Whi...
MLB reports · 4d ago

Sully Baseball Podcast – Wishing Ohtani Success and Batting Pujols 9th – December 7, 2017

I want Shohei Ohtani to sign with a team to let him bat and pitch. The Angels would be a great fit for him. Meanwhile I urge the Angels to either bat Pujols 9th or to cut him. Giving credit ...
MLB reports · 3W ago

Sons of ’84 2018 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot (If I Had One)

It’s that time of year again where I lay out who I’d vote for if I had a Hall of Fame ballot towards the 2018 election.  Standard rules apply with from the BBWAA form, where I can select bet...
MLB reports · 3W ago

Milwaukee Brewers History – Saturday Night Massacre

“Perhaps the best thing (Bud) Selig could do to improve things is get rid of General Manager Jim Baumer and Manager Alex Grammas.” – columnist Dennis Punzel, November 4, 1977. This week in M...
MLB reports · 1M ago

Milwaukee Brewers History: Doc Halladay vs. Milwaukee

The recent passing of Roy “Doc” Halladay had me wondering about the number of times he pitched against the Milwaukee Brewers over the years.  Despite appearing in 416 games (390 of those bei...
MLB reports · 1M ago

Sully Baseball Podcast – RIP Roy Halladay and Hall of Fame Thoughts – 11-9-2017
MLB reports · 1M ago

Springer, Verlander, Morton and Kershaw owned the World Series

It may seem strange, seeing Clayton Kershaw on this list. But as it turned out, despite his disastrous Game 5, Clayton Kershaw was tied with the highest WOWS total for a pitcher in the 2017 ...