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2 Ways Distributors Earn Income in MLM

How do distributors earn income? Distributors working for MLM companies earn income slightly differently than a typical employee. Here are two basic ways that distributors earn income in MLM...'s Blog · 1M ago

13 Ways Direct Sellers can avoid the Dreadful Audit

The deadline is nearly here. It’s tax season! Are you’re overjoyed or pulling your hair out? Regardless of your perspective, nothing could rain on your parade more than being audited. You pr...'s Blog · 1M ago

10 Tips to Sponsoring Long Distance Recruits Successfully

In the digital age, one thing is for sure, your network of friends, relatives and online acquaintances will reach far beyond your own city limits – even beyond your country! Even if you don’...'s Blog · 2M ago

Is the FTC ramping up regulation of the MLM Industry?

Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez argued on October, 2016 at the DSA Policy Conference that it was time to ratchet up regulation of the direct selling industry, and not a tim...'s Blog · 3M ago

21 Ways to Provide Legal and Ethical MLM Training to Distributors

You can look at MLM companies from several perspectives to get an idea if they are running a legal business or a pyramid scheme. In this post, we cover how legal MLM companies approach train...'s Blog · 3M ago

9 Characteristics of a Successful Network Marketer + Videos!

Not every person is right for the direct selling business. Are you right for MLM? Here is a list of 9 characteristics of a successful network marketer: 1. You must be able to meet people! Th...'s Blog · 4M ago

Watch out for Pyramid Schemes! Some Warning Signs

How can you tell if a company is an pyramid scheme, unintentional cash gifting pyramid scheme, or otherwise downright illegal? Well, there is no single authority on the on the subject. There...'s Blog · 4M ago

Create a Prospect List!

Potential Distributors are quite literally all around you. Friends, relatives, neighbors, PTA, people you run into at the post office and grocery store. They are everywhere! Consider using t...'s Blog · 5M ago

10 Questions Distributors Must Ask to Meet their Sales Objectives

As a distributor, you must decide what your objectives are when beginning your network marketing, direct selling, MLM business. Here are ten questions to ask yourself in order to help you me...'s Blog · 6M ago

Check to See if a MLM Company is Legal or a Pyramid Scheme

Prospective distributors often ask how they can find out if a MLM, network marketing, or direct selling company is legal or if it’s a pyramid scheme. There are a number of ways to research t...