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How Many Distributors Fail in Network Marketing?

What is the meaning of failure? If a distributor only makes a few hundred dollars a month, does that mean they have “failed?” What would that make the distributor who doesn’t make any money ...'s Blog · 3M ago

Incentivize to Increase Company Sales in Network Marketing

Incentivize to increase sales across your business. There are vastly different types of incentive programs. The most assumed and expected incentives are monetary and come in the form of bonu...'s Blog · 3M ago

6 Questions to Ask Yourself before Joining a MLM Company

Many people look to make a little extra income to take home to their families. There are several ways to do that but one of the most common is through direct selling or work from home opport...'s Blog · 4M ago

Legally, are all Compensation Plans Viewed the Same?

Being in the MLM law business for over 30 years, we’ve been asked this question countless times. Direct selling business owners – especially MLM startup company owners – want to know which c...'s Blog · 5M ago

The Thorny Issues of “Personal Use” in Direct Selling

There exists tension between the direct sales industry and industry regulators as to the role of “personal use” of products and services by distributors of MLM companies. The broad and ambig...'s Blog · 7M ago

6 Direct Selling Companies with Humble Beginnings

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway. –Mary Kay Ash Humble Beginnings Can you become the “million-dollar e...'s Blog · 7M ago

4 Tips to Become a Top-Selling MLM Distributor

Let’s face it. Sales isn’t easy. It’s no different in multilevel marketing. But that’s you goal! You want to become a top-earning distributor in your MLM company. It’s not impossible. After ...'s Blog · 8M ago

2 Ways Distributors Earn Income in MLM

How do distributors earn income? Distributors working for MLM companies earn income slightly differently than a typical employee. Here are two basic ways that distributors earn income in MLM...'s Blog · 9M ago

13 Ways Direct Sellers can avoid the Dreadful Audit

The deadline is nearly here. It’s tax season! Are you’re overjoyed or pulling your hair out? Regardless of your perspective, nothing could rain on your parade more than being audited. You pr...'s Blog · 9M ago

10 Tips to Sponsoring Long Distance Recruits Successfully

In the digital age, one thing is for sure, your network of friends, relatives and online acquaintances will reach far beyond your own city limits – even beyond your country! Even if you don’...