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Modest Mama · 7h ago

Malcolm's Last Days of Being Five

Malcolm finished his basketball camp on Saturday. We went to see Beauty and the Beast and Malcolm came home and drew the Beast. 
Modest Mama · 1d ago

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

By Isaac, of course
Modest Mama · 2d ago

Crazy Hair Day at LMCA

Modest Mama · 5d ago

Late Winter Snow Day

Nothing is cuter than a baby in a snowsuit!
Modest Mama · 5d ago

Making Butter in Class (Guest Post by Margaret

When Mrs. Blycheck told us we were going to be making butter in class, I was very excited. When she gave us the jar, she told us not to touch it. She put in the cream and then set the timer ...
Modest Mama · 6d ago

Parent Share Day

It was dinosaur time at Kindergarten share day last week!There were five activities involving dinosaurs!
Modest Mama · 1W ago

Backpacking Injury

A recent backpacking trip was cut short when Isaac's pocket knife closed unexpectedly and got stuck in the bone of his pinky finger. He got eight stitches and after almost three weeks his fi...
Modest Mama · 1W ago

They Did It

Several months of saving birthday and Xmas money and more, they have split the Lego Assembly Square
Modest Mama · 1W ago

Bread Pudding

Modest Mama · 3W ago

Lego Architecture Set

Worth every penny. The kids love creating their own buildings with all the unique bricks.