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Modest Mama · 4h ago

A Day at Idlewild

We were able to get discounts for Idlewild for the littlest kids and spent the day there with our friends. The ball pit is always a fun time. 
Modest Mama · 1d ago

Father's Day Bike Ride

We went on the West Penn Trail System for as long as Evelyn would last, which turned out to be about six miles. We passed a rope swing and of course Michael had to give it a go. 
Modest Mama · 1W ago

Summer Dinners

Modest Mama · 2W ago

Barn Raising 2017

Deck extension and patio for grill! 
Modest Mama · 2W ago

The Bike

The bike is out again at the Krom houseShe hasn't quite mastered it yet. She doesn't sit on it, she walks around with it.
Modest Mama · 2W ago

My Tummy Hurts

Malcolm: "Mama, my tummy hurts."Mama: "Oh honey. Did you eat anything today?"Malcolm: "Yes, I had a little chocolate chip banana bread.
Modest Mama · 2W ago


The soccer season has now ended for the Krom boys. 
Modest Mama · 2W ago

A Gift From Malcolm

Modest Mama · 2W ago

A Rainbow with Sound!

She is such a delight to all!
Modest Mama · 2W ago

Last Day of School!!!!

May 31 was the last day of school for Margaret & HenryThese kids are growing up too fast!