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Modest Mama · 3d ago

Retro Day at CDT

The kids had a retro dress-down day at school to benefit the Latrobe mini gardens. What fun!
Modest Mama · 4d ago

Furnace Troubles

Our furnace is getting on in years, well over 20 years old. It has been acting up a lot and we had to have the service guy come out twice in the same week. The first time it was the filter p...
Modest Mama · 5d ago

CDT Classical Showcase

Our school kids presented an amazing showcase at their classical school. It is amazing what these students can accomplish!
Modest Mama · 6d ago

The Lion King Jr

Isaac was Banzai in Latrobe Junior High's production of The Lion King, Jr. We are so impressed with our hyena and all of the students in the production. 
Modest Mama · 6d ago


A couple weeks late, but better late than never. We had a lovely Easter with a short visit from Mema and Pepa and semi-decent weather. 
Modest Mama · 1w ago

Look Who's Seven!!!!

Seven is such a magical age for a little boy. I am so happy to have a seven-year old in the house again.
Modest Mama · 3W ago

Easter Eggs!

Eggs have been dyed at our house! We have volcano eggs, golden eggs, tye-dyed eggs (totally not worth it), regular eggs, and hopeful by Easter we will have some Pszanky eggs. The older boys ...
Modest Mama · 3W ago

Logic School Dinner Debate

The Logic School held their first ever Debate Dinner and Henry was chosen as one of the debaters.
Modest Mama · 3W ago

Playing School

I love that my youngest three will play make-believe for hours. 
Modest Mama · 3W ago

Lost a tooth!

He earned a small Lego set because he managed to get the second front tooth out before we had to get it pulled! Way to go Malcolm!!!!