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Modest Mama · 9h ago

When Mimi is at School.....

When Margaret forgets to put her special doll up before she goes to school, Evie walks around "snuggling" her as much as possible. 
Modest Mama · 13h ago

Another Isaac Creation

Yellow cake with chocolate cream pie filling and a caramel topping. 
Modest Mama · 19h ago

Mix & Match day at School

It was a fun day to mix-and-match for school!Evie is very excited for when she can go to classical school too!
Modest Mama · 1d ago

WYSO Concert

Sunday night was the end of the orchestra season for Isaac and Henry and ended with their big concert at SHU Performing Arts Center. 
Modest Mama · 1d ago

Lunch Time

Modest Mama · 2d ago

Egypt Fair at CDT

Henry participated in an Ancient Egypt Fair at school. He had to make his own costume, create a game, create several 3D models to display, and write a research paper. 
Modest Mama · 4d ago

National Teddy Bear Day

It was National Teddy Bear day and the kids brought their teddy bears to school.A bonus picture, Henry with his Walking Club before it ended for the winter.
Modest Mama · 4W ago

Baby with a puzzle

Too cute not to share. Evie, just out of the bath, in jammies, determined to work on this puzzle.  
Modest Mama · 4W ago

Costume Party Time!

The younger four kids went to a costume party over the weekend.
Modest Mama · 4W ago

A Trip to the Coast

We spent Fall Break exploring the beaches of Delaware! The weather wasn't great, but we had a wonderful time and got to explore a state we had never been to before. On our way. First time tr...