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Mormon Mommy Writer · 1W ago

Because When It Gets To Be Too Much, You Disappear

Hello, my awesome MMWs! I have missed you so, and I apologize for my abrupt absence. I have no good explanations for it, except that one day I didn't get around to writing my Monday post, and then it happened again, and then again, until it was just ...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 2M ago

Finding Your Voice Through Storytelling

By Lacey GunterI had the opportunity this weekend to attend the Timpanogus Storytelling Festival for the second year in a row. I went with my parents and my kids and we had a great time.  So...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 2M ago

Getting Back in the Saddle

Found at a post by Jeanna Mason Stay I've been in such a funk. This year s...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 2M ago

Muse Wanted

By Lacey GunterMuse, my muse, I've been a tad busy lately.Not by choice though, life and responsibilities just got a little ahead of me.I've come back to you begging on hands and knees to be...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 3M ago

Because of the Struggle

Cursed runner weeds.
Mormon Mommy Writer · 4M ago

The Things That Matter Most

by Jewel Leann WilliamsI think Heavenly Father is trying to help me do some decluttering i...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 4M ago

Tips for Finding Short Story Markets

- a post by Jeanna Mason Stay
Mormon Mommy Writer · 5M ago

Shameless Self-Promotion!: Mormon Lit Blitz edition

Have you heard of the Mormon Lit Blitz? It's a flash fiction contest that's been going on around this time every year for the past five or six years. Flash fiction, if you don't know, is gen...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 5M ago

Criticism and the Writer

by Jewel Leann WilliamsUnless you are writing a journal entry, or a secret document you ne...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 5M ago

Wasted Fruit

by Jewel Leann WilliamsI have a hard-working peach tree in my backyard. It isn’t big enough for the kids to climb in yet, and it is still producing smallish, but oh-so-sweet fruit. Every year when it blooms, my heart gets happy and I start anticipati...