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Mormon Mommy Writer · 1M ago

After the Excitement, Back to the Grind

- a post by Jeanna Mason StayWell, in case you missed it, an anthology I am a part of came out last week. If you’re interested in all the gushing excitement, head on over to my personal blog...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 3M ago

Storytelling, Foreshadowing, and Reality Cooking

- a post by Jeanna Mason StayOne of my guilty pleasures is watching reality cooking shows....
Mormon Mommy Writer · 4M ago

Start Small

- a post by Jeanna Mason StayAnyone who lives near me and knows me well enough to drop in unexpectedly (or just drop in at all really) already knows this unsurprising fact: I am not much goo...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 5M ago

In Which I Have a Birthday and Review the Year

via GIPHY- a post by Jeanna Mason StayNext week is my birthday. I’ll be 37, which is exciting if you like prime numbers but less fun if you prefer to have lots of factors in your age (like 3...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 5M ago

All God's Children

by Jewel Leann Williams(note: this comes from a post I made on Facebook some months ago, and for some reason I came across it tonight and felt prompted to share it here)So many different way...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 6M ago

Because When It Gets To Be Too Much, You Disappear

Hello, my awesome MMWs! I have missed you so, and I apologize for my abrupt absence. I have no good explanations for it, except that one day I didn't get around to writing my Monday post, and then it happened again, and then again, until it was just ...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 8M ago

Finding Your Voice Through Storytelling

By Lacey GunterI had the opportunity this weekend to attend the Timpanogus Storytelling Festival for the second year in a row. I went with my parents and my kids and we had a great time.  So...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 8M ago

Getting Back in the Saddle

Found at a post by Jeanna Mason Stay I've been in such a funk. This year s...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 8M ago

Muse Wanted

By Lacey GunterMuse, my muse, I've been a tad busy lately.Not by choice though, life and responsibilities just got a little ahead of me.I've come back to you begging on hands and knees to be...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 9M ago

Because of the Struggle

Cursed runner weeds.