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Mormon Mommy Writer · 4d ago

Book Review: Seeking Mansfield, by Kate Watson

-a post by Jeanna Mason StayYesterday was the debut of our lovely alumna Katy White's (aka Kate Watson) novel Seeking Mansfield!Let's start this review by talking about the things that I did today. First of all, I am a super responsible adult type of...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 1w ago

The Pain in the Neck, or What I Learned This Week

by Jewel Leann WilliamsQuick story:This week my sweet eleven-year-old son managed to roll out of his top bunk in his sleep, and landed on the six-inch-tall pile of dirty clothes on the floor...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 2W ago

Some Fun Writing Exercises

By Lacey GunterPublished authors often say if you want a successful writing career you should be writing consistently, perhaps even daily. Sometimes though you get stumped in your current WI...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 2W ago

Afghans or stuffed toys

 When I first learned to crochet as a kid, I thought that serious crocheters must make afghans or tablecloths or wall hangings--big, grand things. I didn't start with big stuff, but I felt l...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 2W ago

Some Inspiring Thoughts from a Great Man

by Jewel Leann WilliamsOne would think that with me having a rare Saturday off, I would ha...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 1M ago

Subbing in the Rain

By Lacey GunterUnless you're that strange freak of nature that submits your first manuscript and magically turns it into a sale with the first person you submit it to, you will inevitable ha...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 1M ago


 There's been a lot of talk in social sciences lately about the growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. The idea is that if you have a growth mindset, you feel like you are capable of changin...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 1M ago

Distracted Driving (Saturday's post on Sunday)

by Jewel Leann WilliamsI commute for about 45 minutes to work, down I-10, a pretty busy freeway even "against traffic" (opposite direction of the rush hours). Recently they started doing con...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 1M ago

Summer of Service

By Lacey GunterAfter hearing some lovely and inspiring women speak tonight I was reminded of the value of service in creating a happy life. It inspired me to again strive to do more service ...
Mormon Mommy Writer · 2M ago

Carrying Rocks