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Casie Metcalf Hitchc...

Reads about: art, mixed media, handmade, crafts, jewelry

Kim White

Reads about: art, mobile app development, mobile apps, iphone, life

Melinda J Glover

Reads about: vintage, shabby chic, family, art, cottage

Jennifer L Nilsson

Reads about: art, etsy, crafts, family, fantasy art


Reads about: technology, internet, blogging, life, business

Suzie Sroka

Reads about: art, mixed media, collage, crafts, jewelry

Kathleen Morris Robi...

Reads about: crafts, art, decorating, crafting, mixed media

Rose Clawson

Reads about: primitives, crafts, primitive, dolls, cooking

Kisa Lorraine

Reads about: handmade, jewelry, design, crafts, art

Karen Lee

Reads about: etsy, handmade, crafts, art, crafting

Brenda Fisher

Reads about: art, life, family, etsy sellers, halloween

Carolcat Anderson

Reads about: primitives, crafts, primitive, folk art, handmade

Cindy Hurley Bowles

Reads about: vintage decor, grainsack pillows, family, crafts, home

Teresa Yates

Reads about: art, mixed media, collage, vintage, craft

Lisa Poteet Torrez

Reads about: family, decorating, photography, art, creativity

Cathy Halatek

Reads about: primitives, crafts, primitive, antiques, dolls

Amy Vander Vorste

Reads about: handmade, etsy, crafts, art, design

Nancy Siegmeier-Hugg...

Reads about: primitives, crafts, family, one of a kind items, cottage

Jo Moseley

Reads about: adoption, down syndrome, family, special needs, disability

Julie Speaks

Reads about: primitives, crafts, primitive, folk art, art

Ginny Harvey

Reads about: sewing, crafts, knitting, family, cooking

Beth Reiman

Reads about: handmade, etsy, crafts, soap, family

Deb Andrada

Reads about: crafts, decorating, vintage, home decor, diy

Ilene Miller

Reads about: primitive, crafts, country, handmade, patterns

Chrissy Watson

Reads about: parenting, crafts, life, fashion, family

Karen Modeen Witkop

Reads about: crafts, life, home, handmade, etsy

Karen Hoida

Reads about: design, fashion, art, diy, handmade

Debbie O Neal Howard I am a wife and a mother. I am seeking to live a creative life of art, blogging, photography, trav...

Reads about: art, food, gardening, crafts, photography

Amy Horton

Reads about: giveaways, parenting, reviews, family, freebies

Nancy Bellinger

Reads about: news, headlines, home, decorating, faith

Marie G Blackstock Artist ~ Photographer. Painter. Writer. Entrepreneur.

Reads about: art, life, photography, decorating, recipes

Harvest Moon Prims

Reads about: crafts, folkart, primitives, crafting, primitive

Chrysti Hydeck-Nethe... Artist. Writer. Photographer. Instructor. All-Around-Smartass. Dreamer. Lover of Nature. Believer in...

Reads about: art, mixed media, life, photography, collage

Jennifer Giaramita

Reads about: jewelry, natural, handcrafted jewelry, family, herbs

Mariana Musa

Reads about: art, illustration, life, children's books, crafts

Amanda Guilfoyle

Reads about: soap, fashion, parenting, soapmaking, handmade

Alex Albert

Reads about: home, family, crafts

Freddie L Sirmans Sr Freddie L. Sirmans was born in Stockton, Georgia on Dec. 22, 1942. In 1956 he moved with his family...

Reads about: life, technology, politics, christian, business

Karen June Miller I'm Nana KJ to my grandchildren, Caleb and Cameryn! I love God, the Bear, family, and play pals. I w...

Reads about: home, faith, purple, network marketing, direct sales

Joyce Palombo Lucas My name is Joyce Lucas. I am the founder of Make Mine Pink, Cottage Collections, Quilt and Stitch Ma...

Reads about: vintage, crafts, handmade, home, quilting

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