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Mrs. Mediocrity · 1W ago

the ones who make us smile stay with us

if i could choose a memory to hold in my pocket it would be that chuckle the little grin those mischievous eyes that always spoke of spirit and i know you are here today in this room i know ...
Mrs. Mediocrity · 4W ago

finding hope in tiny places

. sometimes we have to take a step back before we move forward remember all the things we’ve forgotten forget all the answers revisit the questions . there is always beauty in life life in g...
Mrs. Mediocrity · 1M ago

illumination (a discussion)

there is gold and there is freedom you say neither one matters in the grand scheme of things our hands are always left empty i mention the scars of experience the stars whisper something of the moon the way the sun is always in your eyes paper crinkl...
Mrs. Mediocrity · 1M ago

chaos is a pattern

just ask nature, she’ll be happy to let you know that dance was invented by willows weeping at winter’s impostor and stars are made from moans left hanging on a breeze in the corner of reflection . we are all mirrors on the same wall of eternity chan...
Mrs. Mediocrity · 2M ago


snow falls gently through a sky bleeding sunshine through the closed door i hear geese warming their way through a morning most of them will survive i cling to small things. moments, really ...
Mrs. Mediocrity · 3M ago


in my dreams i fly to alaska build a nest somewhere high in the trees lay in a stock of sharp pencils marry words to make sense of all i see . . . . Today I am over at dVerse Poets, with a p...
Mrs. Mediocrity · 4M ago

the kitchen window

which is not the same as the kitchen sink because that would mean everything, and this is just a window. and just now, there is too much everything, everywhere, every minute. i want clear bl...
Mrs. Mediocrity · 4M ago

she’s delicate, she seems like the mirror

. on a small lake in maine i found the color of departure . . . . . (title is a line from Dylan’s Visions of Johanna)
Mrs. Mediocrity · 4M ago

on tying up loose ends

it feels like that’s what this year has been, this year of racing the unknown, scrambling up a mountain of change, lying down in a bed of blind faith. i keep all the knots loose, for easy es...
Mrs. Mediocrity · 5M ago

poking holes in the theory of yesterday

negative space holds the shape of things we know this, but choose to dance in the open plains because existence enjoys being contrary explain to a child the difference between holey and holy...