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MrsPricesKindergators · 1w ago

A Mess Free Paint?!..... Yes Please!!!!

Kids love to paint! Teachers love to paint! What we do not like is the mess that goes along with painting! The nasty dirty water! The brushes to clean! Well, those days are over!!! I absolut...
MrsPricesKindergators · 1w ago

Do you esgi?

 Do you esgi? Oh my if you don't, you must!!!!! This is an amazing program!! It will literally save you hundreds of hours of work!! When you hear the word assessments what comes to mind? I k...
MrsPricesKindergators · 3W ago

Class Dojo does it again!

As you all know, I am a diehard @classdojo fanatic!!!! This is a teacher's dream come true!  Whatever we ask, they somehow already get done for us! First it was student portfolios and oh my ...
MrsPricesKindergators · 3W ago

Reading Superpowers

It is getting to be that time of year again! The time of year when teaches start to think about and plan for back to school! Well, the one place you can not forget about is Oriental Trading!...
MrsPricesKindergators · 1M ago

Test Post

This is a test post for new label.
MrsPricesKindergators · 1M ago

Fluency with Hameray Publishing

In today’s classroom, there is a lot of focus on fluency! Children are supposed to be able to read to us as if they were talking to us. So we begin in the primary grades to focus on fluency ...
MrsPricesKindergators · 1M ago

Fourth of July Love!

If there is one holiday that is near and dear to me, the Fourth of July would be one of them! My father was a marine during the Vietnam War and we were brought up the ideals of the importanc...
MrsPricesKindergators · 2M ago

Teacherfriends Chat Anniversary

Good afternoon everyone!!! I hope you are all enjoying your time off or that it will soon be time for you to be enjoying your time!As most of you know, we have a chat on Tuesday nights calle...
MrsPricesKindergators · 2M ago

Red Carpet Awards

I can not believe that the school year has come to an end! One of my favorite end of the year activities or events is the Red Carpet Awards!Thanks to Oriental Trading, this event gets more a...
MrsPricesKindergators · 3M ago

Lemonade For Sale

We just did another room transformation and I will have to say this is my most favorite of them all!We had a lemonade stand! There are so many standards and skills covered in this room trans...