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MS Calling Thanks brain; I don't think you're funny!

English - Bipolar, Disability, Ms
MS Calling · 11M ago

Who's running the asylum now? #EURefResults

It is trueIt seems like a nightmareBut you're awakeYes reallyThe lunatics have taken overOur country is in the hands of the mad menAnd I am terrifiedAnxiety souringPeace has flown the nestBe...
MS Calling · 11M ago

What's the point in a bucket list?

A friend posted this bucket list on Facebook today and I was at a lose end so decided play along.Been Married xFell in love xGone on a blind date xSkipped school xWatched someone give birth ...
MS Calling · 11M ago

Disability Accessibility #poetry #campaign #disability

I am pretty luckyIn our local communityThere are crossings aplentyAnd fairly good accessibilityBut there is one streetCambered towards the roadI have to use it sometimesAnd take it very very...
MS Calling · 11M ago

Can't really see my food any more

It struck me today, when I was eating on my own, that I can't really see my food any more.  I don't mean that my eye sight had suddenly got worse, but just that I noticed it in a new way tod...
MS Calling · 11M ago

Folding Electric Wheelchair BPDP 10J Review

A month ago my folding electric wheelchair arrived from Better Products for Disabled People.  I invested my back dated Personal Independence Payment into this purchase after finally agreeing...
MS Calling · 12M ago

MS Brain for World MS Day #haiku #poetry

MS Calling · 1Y ago

How accessible is my blog? #disability #images

This image contains a wordCan you read it?Most of you will say, yes.  But many of those who are visually impaired can not read the word.  This is because they need to use screen reader softw...
MS Calling · 1Y ago

How are your eyes these days? #poetry #DrSeuss

Oh the things That people sayThe words I wish Would go awayYou don't look blindHow are your eyesWhat can you seeCan you see the skiesAnd patiently I answer themBut very soon I won't pretendT...
MS Calling · 1Y ago

I will still EXPERIENCE the World #travel #disability #spoonie

This morning I read a wonderful article on The Mighty: When I Saw the Adventurous Life I Envisioned Before My Illness Slip Away which spoke a great deal to how I can feel at times.  I recomm...
MS Calling · 1Y ago

Spring into Spring with Torch Trust #poetry

Spring into springHere new lives beginBuildingBuildingPeace in creationGardening GardeningTherapy with fingersGrowingGrowingPlants and confidencePerfectionLinked up at Prose 4thought