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Jody N Joel Malone

Reads about: crafting, vintage, junk, art, garden

Nadine Johnson

Reads about: art, folk art, inspiration, vintage, home decor

Renee Schick Nichols...

Reads about: vintage, decorating, crafts, fairies, art and crafts

Judy Russi I create unique floral home decor using dried flowers, shells, and other natural elements.

Reads about: crafts, jewelry, handmade, art, reviews

Sony Farrell

Reads about: art, design, decorating, mixed media, crafts

Angelina Zlupko Egge...

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Luisa Cisneros

Reads about: crafts, diy, scrapbooking, design, sewing

Annette Kochis

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Torri Marie

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Kirsten Arms-Arbo

Reads about: humor, vintage, junk, retro, life

Melba Mcfadden

Reads about: art, altered art, food, crafts, mixed media

Vivian Colemire

Reads about: decorating, crafts, art, jewelry, carving

Jane Black

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Jessica Giovannetti

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Linda Hamby Thorn

Reads about: crafts, wildlife, art, constitution, nature

Stacey Grimes

Reads about: crafts, scrapbooking, diy, silhouette, decorating

Sherrie Cordes Olson

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Irene Van Es

Reads about: repurposed vintage, stitching, flea market finds, sewing, antiques

Shirley Johnston Pagan, paranormal researcher who cross stitches for relaxation and for my online shop.

Reads about: pagan, art, spiritual, witch, parenting

Libby Hosler

Reads about: frugal, decorating, humor, parenting, crafts

Debbie Luster

Reads about: decorating, repurposed, junk, antiques, crafts

Georgia Lichon

Reads about: art, mixed media, family, collage, mixed media art

Elisabeth Chandler

Reads about: crafting, crafts, decorating, altered, home decor

Sally Olinowski

Reads about: art, design, crafts, architecture, products

Bev Whiteside

Reads about: crafts, scrapbooking, art, stamping, cards

Koyrdisto Ergastiri

Reads about: decoupage, oslikavanje namjestaja, decorating, shabby chic, crafts

Violeta Tancheva

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Bonita Woodring

Reads about: art, illustration, craft, quilting, crafts

Angelina Gilstrap-Ro...

Reads about: crafts, reviews, giveaways, diy, gardening

Minna Meronen

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Luciane Prado Ranzi

Reads about: arts, stamping, gardening, cocina, travel

Theresa Fike Hi, I'm an artist in the Folsom CA area. My son David is my business partner, we specialize in the d...

Reads about: art, decor, murals, interior design, food

Jennie Selling Page

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Xiongmao Kimpoy Kim

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Karen Bailey

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Barbara Hanowitz But...

Reads about: humor, photography, parenting, life, cats

Tina Johnson

Reads about: crafts, primitives, woodworking, primitive, antiques

Jana Procházková

Reads about: decorating, crafts

Monica Conversi

Reads about: decorating, crafts

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