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mumofthreemusketeers The Three Musketeers | Mum Of Three Boys

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mumofthreemusketeers · 5d ago

Indoor Skydive: A Family Adventure

Ever wondered what it was like to fly? Flying is a sensation that very few people, especially young children, get to experience. Indoor skydiving gives you a unique feeling of flying. With t...
mumofthreemusketeers · 2W ago

learning to accept my Body Insecurities

At some point in our lives we all feel a little insecure about our bodies. We are all different with our own little flaws; we are not exact copies of each other, nor do we… More
mumofthreemusketeers · 3W ago

A Snowy World Book Day

It’s the 1st March, otherwise known as World Book Day. A day where chidlren all over dress up as their favourite book characters. Today schools up and down the country closed due to heavy sn...
mumofthreemusketeers · 4W ago

Mum, Are You Proud Of Me?

There is nothing more that makes me proud of any of my three children than just being themselves. I have three boys aged from 6 to 15 and they are all individuals, exceeding in different… Mo...
mumofthreemusketeers · 1M ago

Funny things children say and do – Just deflating

There are times when my boys have me in fits of giggles with the things that they say and do. I am not sure where they get it from, and even though sometimes I am horrified… More
mumofthreemusketeers · 1M ago

Travelling With Your Child Who Has a Different Surname to You

It is not uncommon for a parent to have a different surname to their child. I for one, do not share the same surname with my boys. My children’s father and I are not married… More
mumofthreemusketeers · 2M ago

What a Difference A Year Makes

The past two years have been hard on the family,  I have had many hurdles to get over and many life changing decisions to make. The Year before was fighting emotional barriers, the past year...
mumofthreemusketeers · 2M ago

Marathon of bedtime

Bedtime is chaotic in this household It’s a constant battle to get the children to sleep. You just about think your winning. They’re in their beds all tucked up and looking like little angel...
mumofthreemusketeers · 2M ago

Utter Delicious Coconut Bites Recipe

This recipe is simple and easy to make and tastes deliciously smooth. The coconut bites are ideal to give as treats to the little ones or to wrap up and take out on days out.… More
mumofthreemusketeers · 2M ago

My Personal Experience of Radiotherapy

Back in 2016 I was diagnosed with a rare form of Bowel Cancer, there were only 2 cases of it at the hospital where I was under. My Oncologist explained all the details about the… More