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Munsonmissions Thoughts on Christian Missions today

English - Culture, Missions, Theology
Munsonmissions · 15h ago

…And Then Sometimes They Just Get It

I teach a class in Inter-religious Dialogue (IRD). Since I am a Missions professor at an Evangelical missionally-minded seminary, I like to challenge the notion that IRD is anti-evangelistic...
Munsonmissions · 2d ago

Bigamy and Missions

I have fallen out of the habit of getting involved in discussion boards. I guess part of the reason is that over the decades they attract trolls. But even when they don’t they often draw peo...
Munsonmissions · 1w ago

Some Seeds Take Longer to Grow

I spoke as the graduation speaker at Aurora College of Intercultural Studies. I spoke on Acts 1:8 (a pretty typical verse for a missionary training school). I suggested that the focus on Pow...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

The Truly Ignorant

I was talking to one of my students while having coffee. He is getting ready to graduate and he admitted to me that he is not the strongest academically. I think it would be fair to say that...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

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Munsonmissions · 3W ago

Dysfunctional Culture?

Culture is “…knowledge that is learned and shared and that people use to generate behavior and interpret experience.” That definition is from David W. McCurdy, James P. Spradley, and Dianna ...
Munsonmissions · 3W ago

Missions Presentation

Strengthening Mission Support West Baguio Baptist Church.
Munsonmissions · 3W ago

Munsonmissions · 3W ago

Reaching the Elders

Joanne Shetler, a Wycliffe Bible Translator, in her book “And the Word Came with Power,” says on page 108 “Balangaos had always had village elders, older men informally chosen by group conse...
Munsonmissions · 1M ago

New Article On-line

I put up a new article on Better than New: Christian Perfection as Informed by Wabi Sabi You are welcome to read it HERE. And always welcome comments. Here is the ab...