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Munsonmissions Thoughts on Christian Missions today

English - Culture, Missions, Theology
Munsonmissions · 4d ago

…After God’s Own Heart

Quoting from Acts 13:22. “After removing Saul, he (God) made David their king. He testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I...
Munsonmissions · 1W ago

Missions in Samaria Article

I wrote an article based on a series of four sermons I did back in 2012 that became four posts on this blog. If that was not enough, I am considering utilizing the article to develop a chapt...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

Problems with Spiritual Gifts

Years ago I used to lead some seminars on Spiritual Gifts, and Spiritual Gift Assessments. They have value… I think. But maybe it is time to rethink their value. I recall people 10 years ago...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

And the Fun Begins Again

Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary ( will start its 2017/18 academic year starting June 13th. Looking forward to it, as I will be teaching three courses I love.  I will ...
Munsonmissions · 3W ago

Dream SMALL!!!

Having been involved in missions and ministry, I hear it often said that we should have “BIG DREAMS” or “God-size vision.” And I see people try to carry that out. They add “International” or...
Munsonmissions · 4W ago

Re-reassessing David

When I was young, David was a larger-than-life character in the Bible– the killer of lion, bear, giant, and “his ten thousands.” He was a shepherd boy who became a king, and “the writer of t...
Munsonmissions · 1M ago

HCICD — Holistic Church-Initiated Comdev

Years ago when I was looking into a topic for my dissertation, I wanted to study, utilizing grounded theory, HOLISTIC CHURCH-INITIATED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, in the Philippines. In the end, ...
Munsonmissions · 1M ago

Views on Salvation and Inter-religious Dialogue

Munsonmissions · 1M ago

Can a Really Committed Missionary Burn Out?

“Burn Out” (or “Burnout” if you prefer) is a common problem for ministers– often leading to them either     DROPPING OUT        or        ACTING OUT. As to the question above, the answer giv...
Munsonmissions · 1M ago

What Cognitive Science Teaches about Contextualization

Article by Jackson Wu, referencing John Sanders book “Theology in the Flesh.” “Cognitive science” and “contextualization” –– two things that sound complicated but shape everything we do in m...