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Munsonmissions Thoughts on Christian Missions today

English - Culture, Missions, Theology
Munsonmissions · 2d ago

Ministerial Recovery

We all fail sometimes. Sometimes the failure is minor… sometimes it can be spectacular. Sometimes one has control over the situation of the failure, and sometimes not. Failure is not necessa...
Munsonmissions · 3d ago

A Language of Foolishness

I have been reading a couple of books on Pastoral Theology. One is a classic:  “The Minister as a Diagnostician” by Paul Pruyser. The other is “The Word of God and Pastoral Care” by Howard S...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

The Patriotically Incorrect Missionary

When I was in college (30+ years ago) many of us were struck at the excesses of a movement that showed itself in the term “Political Correctness” or PC for short. It sought to avoid language...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

Top Posts and Stuff

Here are some of my top posts and other categories over the years. Top Posts 2010  Church Acculturation in Missions            427 hits 2011  St. Boniface and the Peregrini, Part 2.     814 ...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

Church History and Biblical Theology Presentations

Until my workload at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary became too great, I would occasionally teach modules at Maranatha Bible College– also here in Baguio City. One nice thing about t...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

Conversion or Fulfillment?

I have posted before on the question of whether we all worship the same god or not. I noted that when it comes to the Abrahamic religions– most notably Christianity, Judaism, and Islam– ther...
Munsonmissions · 3W ago

The Quest for Aesthetic Perfection

The following is an excerpt (first draft) of an article I am writing. The article’s title is “Better than New: Reflections on Wabi Sabi as a Metaphor for Christian Perfection.” The Greek ide...
Munsonmissions · 1M ago

All bad, all good, or
Munsonmissions · 1M ago

Paul in Athens and Interreligious Communication

Munsonmissions · 1M ago

Among Them and Overwhelmed

Quote from PGJ Meiring’s article, “Max Warren and His Seven Rules for a Dialogue Between Christians and Non-Christians. “Actually, the article was originally written in Afrikaaner (“Max Warr...