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Munsonmissions Thoughts on Christian Missions today

English - Culture, Missions, Theology
Munsonmissions · 6d ago

A Necessary Tragedy

This year (2017), and this month (October) marks the 500th anniversary, ‘officially’ of the Protestant Reformation. I was at a theological forum that commemorated this event, and looked at t...
Munsonmissions · 1W ago

Analyzing the Message: Eugene Nida on language and culture
Munsonmissions · 1W ago

Analyzing the Message: Eugene Nida on language and culture
Munsonmissions · 1W ago

Theology Of Religions: Pluralism, Inclusivism, Exclusivism |

By Domenic Marbaniang The term ‘theology of religion’ is to be understood here as the branch of Christian theology that attempts to theologically and biblically evaluate the phenomena of rel...
Munsonmissions · 2W ago

Projects Update

I don’t normally add personal updates here. But once in awhile it seems like it may be appropriate. Books. My book work has gone down, partly because my teaching load has gone up.  But I sti...
Munsonmissions · 3W ago

Four Books I am Reading Now

I don’t buy a lot of books. The availability of Christian books that I am interested in here in the Philippines is limited. I also have limited resources. So I really feel fortunate when I o...
Munsonmissions · 3W ago

Quote of Myth, Meaning, and Ministry

One of my students put a great quote in one of his papers for our Cultural Anthropology class. “Myth is a perceived truth which is immeasurably greater than concept. It is high time that we ...
Munsonmissions · 3W ago

The Cult of Ares

A few months ago, the movie “Wonder Woman” had as the main villain, or villain behind the villains, Ares, the Greek god of war. Some were surprised or disappointed by the choice of actor to ...
Munsonmissions · 3W ago


A nice article about the Five Levels of Churches, drawing from thoughts from Alan Hirsch and others. Please click below.
Munsonmissions · 1M ago

The Timeless Church

We talk of the local church, and the universal church. The local church is the community of faith, while the universal church is the Body of Christ or Bride of Christ, depending on your meta...