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Murder By 4 · 1W ago

Happy Valentine's Day -- Writing Love Scenes

Murder By 4 · 2W ago

Writing Skinny and Puppy Love

How to Slenderize Your Manuscript by Kim SmithThis is a post from 2011 - I am recycling fo...
Murder By 4 · 3W ago

Five Tips for Book Marketing and Promotion

Book marketing and promotion is like an ocean. Wide and vast. Are you uncertain about doin...
Murder By 4 · 4W ago

What inspires you to write?

Yo', Murderers...Happy Thursday!I hope this post finds you writing and plotting a novel like never before. I am reading a good book on creativity. It is inspiring me. What inspires you to wr...
Murder By 4 · 1M ago

Starting out the new year by writing a novel

Good day, Murderers...So we made the 101 Best Sites list again (Writers Digest Writers Yea...
Murder By 4 · 1M ago

Murderers, as writers

Good day, Murderers!I hope this finds you doing something that fulfills you.What is everyone reading?Yes, reading is a part of being a writer. I am usually reading two books at a time, one e...
Murder By 4 · 1M ago

Happy New Year and what are you doing?

Ahoy, Murderers! It's a new year and I hope you are writing like mad. I have been working on the next book in the Shannon Wallace Mysteries, and if you didn't catch the promo, you definitely want to read Schooled in Murder. I have a cool new subplot ...
Murder By 4 · 1M ago

Happy New Year!

Hi, folks!I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a wonderful holiday. It can be a hectic...
Murder By 4 · 2M ago

Interview with Uvi Poznansky

Uvi Poznansky, Author ofDancing with Air, Love in Times of War, and Book BitesCongratulations, Uvi, for your new WWII romance novel!
Murder By 4 · 2M ago

Free Through November 30th - The Seacrest: a love story

The Seacrest is free to my wonderful readers today through November 30th. Happy Holidays!