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Murphy's Law It's actually not my fault--whatever you've been blaming on
Murphy's Law · 9h ago

Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day--Snorrrrrrrrrring--National Poetry Month

Today is Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day. You can go here to see what that is. I'm going to write one and then go hibernate because someone kept me up all night....SNORRRRRRINGA big part of the prob...
Murphy's Law · 1d ago

Senses Poem--Alaskan Love Song--National Poetry Month

The jungle in back of the cannery at UyakI'm going to continue my Alaskan Love Song theme because it makes me feel cooler...:o) The Hubs still hasn't summerized the cooling, so we swelter in...
Murphy's Law · 2d ago

Acrostic Poem--Alaskan Love Song--National Poetry Month

We're doing acrostic poems today. To see how to do this, go here. I'm missing Alaska today as the temps climb back up into the triple digits here. It's a good thing I stocked up on memories ...
Murphy's Law · 3d ago

Nonet Poems--Doggy Love--National Poetry Month

It's nonet day. "What the heck is a nonet?" you ask. Stephanie answers that question here. Meanwhile I'll reveal my newest offering below:DOGGY LOVEDog, streaming full out, his tongue traili...
Murphy's Law · 3d ago

Sonnet--When First We Met--National Poetry Month

This is an iambic pentameter sonnet I'm writing here--the BIG guns. So even though it's Sunday and people are around making noise and doing things, I'm of a mind to try it. So here goes. Oh....
Murphy's Law · 4d ago

Free Form Poem--Denizen of the Void--National Poetry Month

DENIZEN OF THE VOIDInto the stillness Between waking and sleepingA thought springsGrowing And expanding,Unfurling gossamer, iridescent wings Until it fills me With awe.It grips meWith delica...
Murphy's Law · 5d ago

Cinquain Poems--National Poetry Month

Today it's a cinquain poem. Here's the place to figure out how to do these.Clark KentAlien manSent to sacrifice allFor the betterment of MankindSaver
Murphy's Law · 6d ago

Pensee Pensiveness--National Poetry Month

Today we're doing a Pensee poem. If you have no idea what this is, but want to find out, go here. Here's my offering:AngelSweet destroyerLike Juno in your aspectsYou wreak carnage in the kit...
Murphy's Law · 1w ago

Brevette Poems--National Poetry Month

Today it's Brevette poems. I'd never heard of them either, so I went here to find out what the heck they were. Then I wrote these:moonl i g h t sworldhandsh o l dbook
Murphy's Law · 1W ago

Monorhyme--To the Beach!--National Poetry Month

Contrary to what my last poem said, today I'm doing a Monorhyme. If you're clueless about what that is, go here. Now getting down to it:TO THE BEACH! I wish I could go down to the sea for a ...