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MuseLed Blog · 10h ago

Ghost Wars S01E06 "We Need to Talk About Abigail" Recap

Billy McGrath informs his sister of his inability to leave the town on his boat, no matter what strategies he uses to beat the supernatural barrier. She appoints him sheriff of the town when...
MuseLed Blog · 1d ago

Russian Film Week Announces Exhibitions

EXHIBITIONS!!!Russian Film Week comes back to London for the second time, bringing a large number of latest releases from this year as well as a series of exhibitions that will run along wit...
MuseLed Blog · 1d ago

Gotham S04E08 "Stop Hitting Yourself" Recap

At the fight club, a play is put on before a fight. The narrative has Ed pretending to be Penguin and mocking his character while the audience boos to express their disdain for Penguin. This...
MuseLed Blog · 1w ago

Russian Film Week Announces Satellite Events

MuseLed Blog · 6d ago

Mr. Robot S03E05 "eps3.4_runtime-error.r00" Recap

Elliot has no memory of the past four days but heads into work on the day of the UN vote. He comes to learn that he has been fired from his job when he's unable to get into his company accou...
MuseLed Blog · 1w ago

MCM London Comic Con celebrates 32nd show with Marvel, Sherlock and Harry Potter stars alongside tens of thousands of fans!

The second MCM London Comic Con of 2017 has just closed its doors after a successful three day celebration of pop culture featuring UK exclusives, iconic celebrities, superheroes, and thousa...
MuseLed Blog · 1w ago

The Gifted S01E06 "got your siX" Recap

The episode opens with a flashback. Four years ago, John was trying to raise money for the march victims but is struggling against the anti-Mutant sentiments of people. Things escalate when ...
MuseLed Blog · 1W ago

Ghost Wars S01E05 "Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie" Recap

Sophia, the town mortician, is further traumatized following the death of her son Marcus when her shower faucet begins to pour red water resembling blood. She asks handyman Doug for help and...
MuseLed Blog · 1W ago

Russian Film Week 2017 Announces Golden Unicorn Award Nominee Shortlist

Bringing you the 2017 Golden Unicorn Award nominee shortlist! As you might already know, the Golden Unicorn Awards were created in celebration of the best of Russian film and foreign films a...
MuseLed Blog · 1W ago

Gotham S04E07 "A Day in the Narrows" Recap

The GCPD are sent 44 boxes of pig's heads. It's enough for every officer there except for one. The instructions given to the delivery men was that everyone was to receive a box except for Ji...