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Muses from the deep · 5m ago

Spanish cyclist's bittersweet Tour de France victory

As Oscar Pereiro crossed the line for the last time in the 2006 Tour de France, there was no celebration, no adulation from the crowd.
Muses from the deep · 5h ago

ISIS routed in Raqqa as 'major military operations' declared over

US-backed forces fighting ISIS in Raqqa say "major military operations" in the city have ended and that the jihadists have lost their grip on their self-declared capital.
Muses from the deep · 2h ago

Malta journalist was 'assassinated,' son says

The son of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the investigative journalist who was killed in an apparent car bombing Monday in Malta, says his mother was "assassinated" because of her work uncovering c...
Muses from the deep · 5m ago

What comes next for the devastated city -- and for ISIS

US-backed forces in Raqqa said Tuesday that major military operations against ISIS had ended as they worked to clear out the remnants of sleeper cells and mines in the ruins of the Syrian ci...
Muses from the deep · 5m ago

The Rohingya mass exodus -- from above

Drone footage provided by UNHCR shows Rohingya refugees' mass exodus into Bangladesh from Myanmar.
Muses from the deep · 1h ago

Reese Witherspoon opens up about sexual assault at 16

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein have opened the tap in Hollywood for women to come forward and share their stories.
Muses from the deep · 6h ago

US appeals for calm as allies clash in Iraq

The United States has made an urgent call for calm in northern Iraq as Iraqi forces and Kurdish fighters -- two of Washington's key allies in the region -- clash over disputed territory.
Muses from the deep · 7h ago

How to break carb cravings, once and for all

If you're like many people I know, the thought of giving up pasta and bread in an effort to shed a few pounds (or more) might seem like an unfair punishment -- perhaps even a tease, especial...
Muses from the deep · 1h ago

Trump's drug czar pick withdraws after investigative report

Muses from the deep · 5m ago

Trump drops 92 spots on world's richest list