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Muses from the deep · 18m ago

Euthanasia drug found in canned dog food

A drug used to euthanize animals has been found in canned dog food, prompting a recall.
Muses from the deep · 2h ago

Passenger plane crashes in Iran with 66 aboard

A passenger plane flying from Tehran with 66 people aboard crashed in central Iran, local media reported Sunday.
Muses from the deep · 9h ago

'I realized that we are just the same Korean people'

Muses from the deep · 2h ago

Trump slams FBI's handling of school shooter

President Donald Trump lashed out at the FBI late Saturday, describing its failure to follow up on a tip about Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz as "very sad."
Muses from the deep · 2d ago

Consequences of inaction in Syria are about to become alarmingly clear

Over the past few weeks, the shadow cast by Syria's conflict has been growing longer and darker.
Muses from the deep · 1h ago

Drake donates $1M in 'God's Plan' music video

Rapper Drake's music video for his song "God's Plan" shows him donating the video's nearly $1 million budget to people throughout Miami.
Muses from the deep · 3h ago

The unforgettable story of Patty Hearst

Muses from the deep · 5h ago

US airstrikes killed dozens of Russians in Syria, but Moscow doesn't want to talk about it

There are growing indications that US airstrikes killed and injured dozens of Russian military contractors in northern Syria earlier this month. But in stark contrast to the death of a Russi...
Muses from the deep · 5h ago

Sri Lanka government in crisis after comeback of ex-leader

What was meant to be a simple uneventful local election has sparked uncertainty over the future of Sri Lanka's political landscape, after a newly formed party led by former president Mahinda...
Muses from the deep · 9h ago

Florida students to lawmakers: 'Shame on you'