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Music Capitalist · 11M ago

Distribution as a Service #DaaS Altavoz is Flexxin

The ability to go online select a distribution solution (digital | physical | global) has been something I've worked on since 1994 when I bought Altavoz Distribution from Mary Liles in Ralie...
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

First quarter results are in and like this weeks' sales --digital's only 42%

I've been so busy with bringing an to life, that I've not really been able to look too deep into the sales of music as reported via the National Sales report from Niels...
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

The rise of #MusicCities and how Philly is failing Musicnomics

A new bill from Philly City Councilman Mark Squilla would require owners of nightclubs, cabarets, bars and restaurants in the city to collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of enter...
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

New Music is not leading in sales because it and the Majors suck

The blogs and socials have been blowing up over the recent to most news that new music is not selling as well as old music. However, as I pointed out here, news about what is happening in th...
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

Software and Other Prerecorded Compact Disc, Tape, and Record Reproducing in DMV

Bringing this down to a local level and get into some Muiscnomics here is the DC, MD and VA which is arguably one of the largest economic blocks which operates under the guise of a Metropoli...
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

Public Procurement Policies: That don't include the Music Act hurt economy

BRIEFING: Strengthening US Manufacturing with Buy America and Domestic Content PoliciesTuesday, December 8, 20152:00pm  3:00pm
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

Until the EOY let's look at the UK's trade balance in Prerecorded music.

For the Datanerds, the following is the breakdown in trade of Software and Prerecording music between the USA and the UK for the year 2015 presently cited as Cat 334614*.  I'm posting it her...
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

Hello! I would love to thank Adele for proving my point?

With the release of the single Hello, from 25,  Adele will make my point about the US  entertaining it's economy to death as we climb all each other to get this release in any form or fashio...
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

Max Media Group, Inc. OTC MXMI Announces Transfer of Majority Control to Altavoz is important because it now units a public stock to a plan to place arti...
Music Capitalist · 1Y ago

Vinyl which is 10% of physical sales generates more revenue than streaming which is to be saving the world

Last week I saw this go up on a digital news site.  L O L*...  and it caught not only my attention, many of my friends have been emailing, texting and face booking me about the fact that vin...