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Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

Author Information Swap: Where to Find Industry News

SourceSo I've been trying to do more posts that have to do with publishing industry news. ...
Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

Movie Review: Why Every Writer Should See "In the Heart of the Sea"

SourceThis is gonna be short and sweet! ;DSo I haven't been doing reviews much lately. I honestly just don't have the time, much as I wish I did. Most weeks I barely get a single blog post up. But I watched this film, In the Heart of the Sea a few we...
Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

4 Tips for Writing Unforgettable Argument Scenes

Pride and Prejudice epic argument (Pic Source)Have you ever noticed that sometimes the best part of a story--be it film, movie, TV, or otherwise--is when the characters have a passionate fig...
Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling

Gif SourceGood Morning, All!This is going up a bit late today, but what can I say? Super B...
Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

9 Ways to Improve Character Relationships

SourceSo last September I attended the annual League of Utah Writers Conference where I met Author Amy Jarecki, a romance writer who is most successful. I did some posts back then about what I learned from her, but one thing she suggested I do was re...
Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

Friday Funnies #11

Welcome to Friday Funnies! Because everyone needs a good laugh on Friday.                                               Gotta have some sarcasm:
Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

Industry Topics: E-Book Subscription Services

Picture Source So one topic that's hot right now is the issue of creating subscription services for ebooks, similar to what Netflix is for films. Many people think it ought to work the same ...
Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

5 Tips for Writing Interrogation Scenes that Pop

Picture SourceGood Monday Morning, Everyone! How is everyone today? Today I'm going to go over some tips to help write interrogation scenes. First let me say that I did not come up with these. Rather I'm posting them because they were actually tremen...
Musings on Fantasia · 1Y ago

2016 Has Arrived!!!

SourcePhew! I am looking at my posting history for this blog in 2015, and I am NOT happy with what I see! I completely let it get away from me the final quarter of the year. Well, I'm trying...
Musings on Fantasia · 2Y ago

Friday Funnies

Sorry this is all I've gotten up the past couple of weeks, guys. I woke up not long ago to a completely dead computer, and I've only been able to commandeer my brother's on occasion, which m...