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Musings Over A Barrel · 1d ago

I Predict Spilled Whiskey

I'm a fan of specialized glassware, I admit it. However, this helix spinning whiskey glass seems like an accident waiting to happen.I envision myself sitting in my favorite chair, whiskey gl...
Musings Over A Barrel · 3d ago

At The Range

My son and I headed down to the range after work to get in a little more "father & son" sh...
Musings Over A Barrel · 4d ago

Always Thinking Stage Strategy

We were out for a hike on Sunday and came across these timbers that the Park Service had p...
Musings Over A Barrel · 5d ago

Traveling in Maryland

I end up driving into Maryland more often than I'd like. I still have family "behind the curtain." There are also, surprisingly, really well-run pistol matches at clubs in the state. I came ...
Musings Over A Barrel · 6d ago

Gun Craft Beer

A recent Virginia Shooting Sports Association blog post about craft beer caught my eye. "G...
Musings Over A Barrel · 1W ago

A Fun Range Trip

This week's range visit was a fun family outing. Our son is home for a couple weeks, so he...
Musings Over A Barrel · 1W ago

The 2nd Amendment as White Privilege

The lengths to which the social justice warriors snowflakes go to manufacture outrage never ceases to amaze me. To some, even the natural right to self defense is construed as white privileg...
Musings Over A Barrel · 1W ago

Maryland IDPA Championship

Last Saturday I joined a group of friends to shot the 2018 Maryland IDPA Championship held...
Musings Over A Barrel · 1W ago

Virginia Breweries Win at World Beer Cup

The World Beer Cup competition is held every two years. In this year's event, 8,234 beers representing 2,515 breweries were judged. Of the 302 medals awarded, five went to Virginia breweries...
Musings Over A Barrel · 1W ago

Test Chicken

Sacrificing the proverbial chicken to test the domain name changes. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Barrel ]