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Musings Over A Pint · 19h ago

Range Time: Flashlight Drills

I brought along a flashlight during my weekly trip to the indoor range. I’ve been reading ...
Musings Over A Pint · 1d ago

Thursday: Made Me Laugh

To make up a lack of content, enjoy this meme that made me laugh out loud.Though I am not sure if my laugh was one of disgust, or fear. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ] ...
Musings Over A Pint · 2d ago

Virginia Governor Shows His Disdain For The Military

Once again, Governor McAuliffe shows his disdain for the Constitution, self defense and U.S. military personnel.  From a VCDL Alert...Governor McAuliffe just vetoed HB 1582, Delegate Campbel...
Musings Over A Pint · 3d ago

The Black Target "Problem"

The “No More Black Targets” Campaign is, apparently, a movement to eliminate the use of black targets at gun ranges. Or, I think it is. Honestly, I am not sure if this is a serious movement ...
Musings Over A Pint · 4d ago

A Challenging IDPA Match at Rivanna

On Saturday it was time once again to head over to Charlottesville for the monthly IDPA ma...
Musings Over A Pint · 5d ago

Catholic Terminology

An explanation of Catholic terminology for your Sunday reading.AMEN – The only part of a prayer that everyone knows.BULLETIN – Your receipt for attending Mass.CHOIR – A group of people whose...
Musings Over A Pint · 1W ago

Date Day Part 2 - Strangeways and Legend Breweries

After we finished up a fun-filled hour at the range, Colleen and I headed over to our next...
Musings Over A Pint · 1W ago

A Welcome Text Message

In the middle of a ho-hum day, it's a joy to get a text from Colleen when she's out shopping.The day is looking up. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]
Musings Over A Pint · 1W ago

Date Day Part 1 - Blue Ridge Arsenal

I took on Monday off so Colleen and I could have "date day" doing fun stuff. We started ou...
Musings Over A Pint · 1W ago

Chesapeake Cup IDPA Match

On Saturday, my friend Stuart and I ventured across the Potomac River into the People's Re...