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Musings Over A Pint · 10h ago

Five O'Clock Friday: Stress Relief

Works for me...Hope you find some extra relief this weekend. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]
Musings Over A Pint · 2d ago

Blue & Gray Breweriana at the Beach

Blue & Gray Brewery may no longer be in existence, but my collection of glassware and growlers from the brewery still provided valuable service last weekend.The growler and glass hold held C...
Musings Over A Pint · 4d ago

Practice Round Count

I was reading some friends' comments online recently about how many rounds they fired in a month. They were quoting numbers like 1,500 or 2,000 each month. I knew I was nowhere near those nu...
Musings Over A Pint · 5d ago

Remember Fabio?

The Italian immigrant, now an American citizen, has a few things to say about the left's support for criminals.“The day you give up your weapon in the United States, the United States is goi...
Musings Over A Pint · 6d ago

Alcoholic Donuts

Need I say more?The boozy snacks are part of a five week series from the Doghnut Project f...
Musings Over A Pint · 1w ago

It's Practice, But Still Fun

There's no denying that I simply like shooting. I find it a personally satisfying and enjoyable activity. I also like competing in practical pistol matches, and strive to do as well as I can...
Musings Over A Pint · 1W ago

Overheard at the Range

From the Range Master: "If you are shooting two guns at once, stop it."Fortunately the offender idiot left so I didn't have to.  [ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]
Musings Over A Pint · 1W ago

Adventure Brewing 3rd Anniversary Festival

Adventure Brewing is celebrating their 3 year anniversary this weekend. It looks like a gr...
Musings Over A Pint · 1W ago

Fairfax IDPA Match

Last Saturday, I made the drive north on I-95 to shoot the IDPA match held at Fairfax Rod ...
Musings Over A Pint · 1W ago

Mother's Day Range Trip

Well, actually it was a father and son trip, on Mother's Day. Our son had told me a couple...