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My Lady's Closet About writing, historical fiction and more
My Lady's Closet · 2W ago

Romeo Butler & Juliet Preston

A match made in Ireland Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet finds a happy ending in the 17th century story of James Butler and Elizabeth Preston. These two members of feuding Anglo-Iri...
My Lady's Closet · 2M ago

Do indie authors need mission statements?

As an independent author, you might think, “Hey, I write books. That’s my mission. Why do I need a statement about it?” But I’m here to tell you, if you are serious about your products, you ...
My Lady's Closet · 3M ago

Royal Branding – King Charles II, Opportunities Tossed

Certainly a sympathetic character early in his life, this week’s monarch of Royal Branding, England’s Charles II, does much through his actions to wreck the glowing personal brand with which...
My Lady's Closet · 3M ago

Royal Branding: King Charles I

For personal branding, where other monarchs have provided lessons for success, King Charles I of England provides more of a cautionary tale. Had he hired a personal branding coach in his tim...
My Lady's Closet · 3M ago

Royal Branding: Queen Victoria

It would be difficult to improve on a personal brand for which an entire era was named: the Victorian Era. Continuing my study of the kings and queens who were the first to use personal bran...
My Lady's Closet · 4M ago

Royal Branding: Henry VII, the Dark Prince

He returned from exile, defeated Richard III, and was crowned king on the spot. But Henry VII had a challenge on his hands.
My Lady's Closet · 5M ago

Andrea Patten on The Inner Critic Advantage

Today I am featuring an interview with fellow author Andrea Patten, who wants to help writers everywhere to overcome that crippling struggle against our inner critics. Like many of us, Andre...
My Lady's Closet · 5M ago

How personal branding helps authors, artists and business owners

Branding is a powerful way of defining yourself that distinguishes you from a sea of others. It helps you to create a lasting impression in the minds of your audiences, and ultimately builds...
My Lady's Closet · 6M ago

My Favorite Book: GWTW

When people ask me about my favorite book, I scratch my head and wonder. There are so many that I love, choosing one is nearly impossible. For the purpose of this post I’ll focus on a book t...
My Lady's Closet · 8M ago

Tracking the Prince: Adare

Part 16 in a series featuring sites I visited in Ireland while researching my second novel, The Prince of Glencurragh. See previous posts listed at the end. And so we have arrived, like the ...