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My Life ... · 10M ago

Week 31: Love

Since I am away right now I will show you my photo of Love when I am back. If you want to see pictures of my trip you can follow me on Instagram. For next week I would like to see photos for...
My Life ... · 10M ago

Week 30: Camera

Some years ago I took the plunge and invested money in a good camera. Before owning this one I took my photos with one of those small digital compact cameras with really bad resolution.This ...
My Life ... · 10M ago

Week 29: Colorful

The last themec in our challenge was the wonderful topic of Colorful.Lots of bright colors are something I really love and adore and there are hardly any things more satisfactory than starin...
My Life ... · 11M ago

Week 28: Work

This week's topic wasWorkand around my apartment there is a lot - a lot, a lot - of construction work going on.Next week I would love to see manyColorfulphotos.
My Life ... · 11M ago

Top Ten Books Set Outside The US

  Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish.  This week I'm going to tell you myTop Ten Books Set Outside The US 
My Life ... · 11M ago

What's in my Bag - New York City Edition

I'm pretty sure that everyone who ever watched a YouTube video stumbled upon a "What's in my Bag" video recommendation. I am a nosy person and love seeing what bags other girl use and what t...
My Life ... · 11M ago

Week 27: Sour

The first thing that came to mind when thinking about this week's topic were lemons and limes but since I wanted to challenge me a bit with this photos I tried coming up with something diffe...
My Life ... · 11M ago

I did not vanish but it felt like it

Over the course of the last six (6!!!!!) weeks every member of my family was sick! It all started when my mum and I returned from New York City. She started to feel unwell and spent almost a...
My Life ... · 12M ago

Week 24: Snack

This week's topic was Snack(s). I have a huge sweet tooth and I love everything chocolaty and sweet. So one of the best things that can happen to me is when there is some kind of cake for af...
My Life ... · 1Y ago

Week 23: Reflection

This week I wanted to see your pictures of Reflections. I've been to New York City recently and as there are a lot of skyscrapers with lots of windows there are many beautiful reflections.Bu...