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My Mail Art World · 18h ago

Wall paper envelopes received from Christiane Hurel

Two nice envelopes made from wall paper received from Christiane. Both envelopes have a very nice texture that you can’t see on the scan.
My Mail Art World · 2d ago

Science-fiction: exchange with Katerina Nikoltsou

A very nice card received from Katerina for my sci-fi mail art call. I love the eyes of the little creatures.
My Mail Art World · 3d ago

Received from Lars Schumacher

Anothet nice sending from Lars.
My Mail Art World · 4d ago

Science-Fiction : received from Therese Waryn

A nice postcard received from Therese.
My Mail Art World · 5d ago

Mini Mission : Lost

Another mini mission from Mike Deakin. The prompt is : Lost.And here is the envelope I did.
My Mail Art World · 6d ago

Science-fiction: Received from Philippe Charron

A nice postcard from Philippe.
My Mail Art World · 1w ago

More Rolodex and ATC

Here are some of my most recent altered Rolodex and ATC.
My Mail Art World · 1W ago

Paperbag received from Uwe Klein

I still habe many paperbags to share with you like this one received from Uwe.
My Mail Art World · 1W ago

Sent to Maria Chorianopoulou

My Mail Art World · 1W ago

Science-fiction: received feom JM Pergam

A nice sending for my sci-fi call.