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So Fly · 2d ago


Ptera's awesome sweater with our flyball club logo on the back- all hand knittedAnd the front viewBut, I totally have a hat AND sweater vest that match! The hat has jack russells and pterano...
So Fly · 4d ago

Holiday Knitted Hats

Koira is willing to wear hers in exchange for cookies, but will likely shake it off her ears if I asked her to wear it on an adventure.I'm sleeping with one eye open, because I'm pretty sure...
So Fly · 1W ago

WW: Jump

Jump! Jump higher!Gorgeous trail below us at Beazell Forest
So Fly · 1W ago

Beazell Forest Hike in the Fall

Beazell Forest is one of our favorite places to go to hike. Previously, we've normally aimed for weekdays to avoid people, but my new job and the early setting sun makes that impossible. Ins...
So Fly · 1M ago

Fall in Oregon

The fall colors are appearing on the trees this week. Oregon doesn't tend to get the brilliant colors that some places enjoy in the fall, and windstorms (like the one happening right now) te...
So Fly · 1M ago

WW: Fall Flowers

Standing in the dahlias
So Fly · 1M ago

Fall Flowers

I have been getting pictures of the dogs with seasonal flowers whenever the opportunity presents itself. In late September, I drove by an awesome field of sunflowers and planned a trip back ...
So Fly · 1M ago

Crave Dog Food #chewyinfluencer

This month, we chose to review Crave dog food from The formula we chose was Lamb and Venison. We received this food for free in exchange for our honest review, and were not compen...
So Fly · 1M ago

Dave's Canned Dog Food #chewyinfluencer

Canned food isn't something my dogs get a ton of. With no medical issues requiring it, Ptera tends to eat kibble most of the time, while Koira eats raw most of the time. That doesn't mean I ...
So Fly · 2M ago

July/August Hiking Goals

I skipped the July update of our hiking goals for the year. We didn't actually go hiking at all in July. I know. Pretty bad, considering we have so few dry months here.My favorite SUP selfie...