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So Fly · 1W ago

WW: Whoops

A little bit of a fumble.
So Fly · 2W ago

Team Photoshoot

My flyball team is growing, and we decided we needed to do a new team photoshoot with all the new dogs and people. Some dogs and people weren't with us last time. Some dogs were with us but ...
So Fly · 2W ago

In the Background

In the background of the flyball tournament, there is a space where everyone keeps their boxes, ball hoppers, props, and other gear that their team needs for racing or warm ups.When getting ...
So Fly · 2W ago

A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog (Sorta)

We went for a hike towards the end of the day, less than an hour before the sun set. My real camera was at home, and my phone camera is iffy at best even in good lighting conditions.But Pter...
So Fly · 3W ago

May Hiking and Beach Goals

In May, we got out quite a bit. Lots of short hikes were taken on the logging roads nearby."Two roads diverge in a wood"These trails are beautiful, but it can be easy to end up going down th...
So Fly · 3W ago

Flyball Weekend

I spent the past weekend at flyball (and the weekend before that was spent at lure coursing as the official photographer). We've been busy, and this upcoming weekend is no exception, as we w...
So Fly · 3W ago

Zignature Canned Food #ChewyInfluencer

We received this product for free in exchange for our honest review. Zignature is a brand of dog food that specializes in limited ingredient diets. Their kangaroo flavor food is specifically...
So Fly · 1M ago

When Dinosaurs Attack

Hungry emu is hungry. And terrifying. 
So Fly · 1M ago

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
So Fly · 1M ago

Bald Eagle v Seagull

At the beach last Friday, I saw this bald eagle swooping by overhead. I luckily had a longer lens already on my camera, and was able to get some shots of him.This seagull was chasing the bal...